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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions asked by our customers before they buy our product. If there’s something you feel has not been covered by our website and Knowledge Base section, feel free to refer to our FAQ section.

Roomzilla Account

What do I need to start with Roomzilla?

Being a cloud-based application, you only need an internet connection and a browser to use Roomzilla. Of course, you do have the option to use Room Displays or QR Codes, but these are not required for Roomzilla.

What’s a resource? And what types can I add to Roomzilla?

A Resource is what you can book from Roomzilla and varies from company to company. You can choose from the following types: Room, Desk, and Equipment.

Can I personalize my account, add a logo, and change the layout colors?

Roomzilla offers complete page customization from logo, colors, resource images, and maps to guidelines.

Is it possible to configure Roomzilla to use different language versions?

We do not currently offer languages other than English. However, you can use your preferred language to customize rooms’ descriptions, amenities, Guidelines“, and the “message after creating a reservation“.

Can I add more resources to my subscription?

With Roomzilla, your subscription is flexible, so you only pay for what you use. Head to the “Resources” tab in the admin section to add, edit, or enable your resources.

Is there a limit to how many Resources we can have?

You have full control over your page and can add as many or as few resources as you would like. With our filtering tools, the perfect resource is easy to find.

If I have multiple locations, is there a way to link our Roomzilla accounts for easy access?

Access all of your Roomzilla pages with our “Others Sites” feature seen on your navigation bar. There you will see all pages you are a user of and can easily navigate between them.

Can I bulk upload my users?

Admin can upload multiple users in one go with our “Bulk Add” feature.

Do you have an Active Directory?

Not currently.

What kind of access can I, as an admin, offer to my users?

You can assign one of two roles to a user – member or admin. To give any user access to your page, an admin must invite them.

Do you have a mobile app?

Roomzilla’s mobile version is displayed automatically when a user logs in via a mobile phone’s browser. It is not required to take additional action, use special links or download any application.

Do you provide any security documentation?

We are a startup and do not yet have formal documentation for customers. However, we have world-class specialists who take care of the security of our application.

Trial Account

Can I access all features on my trial?

Yes, we want you to experience all of Roomzilla’s power, so we have made every feature available for your trial. You can even arrange a demo with our support team to learn more about what we have available.

How long will my trial last?

Your Roomzilla free trial will last for 14 days. Add a credit card or contact us at sales@roomzilla.net before your trial ends to upgrade your account from a free trial to a fully activated account. Otherwise, your page will be permanently deleted by the system.

Do I need to add a credit card on file even if I intend to use the free version of Roomzilla?

Yes, in order to upgrade your Roomzilla trial to a full account, a credit card must be linked before the trial period expires.


Where/How can my users reserve my rooms and other resources?

You will choose a unique URL of your preference.

There are four ways of making reservations in Roomzilla:

Do people need a user account to book my resources?

Yes, it is obligatory to have a user account to book resources in advance or via QR codes. However, anyone on site can use paired Room Displays.

Do you send email confirmations/notifications about reservations to users?

Yes, email notifications are sent when a user adds, edits, or deletes a reservation and also when actions performed by an admin affect a user’s reservations (reservation pre check-in or deletion, changes to business hours/days). Users have the option to manage selected notifications from their “Profile” section.

How can I check what I have booked? Where can I view my future reservations?

All future reservations not associated with the logged-in user are displayed in light gray on the timeline, while the user’s own reservations are highlighted in color. This design helps users quickly identify their bookings.

Additionally, in the “Schedule” tab, we’ve added an expandable list of “Your Reservations.”

In the mobile version, there’s an additional tab for managing your scheduled bookings.

Do you offer repeating reservations?

Yes, when creating or editing a reservation via the full web application, a user can decide on a repeating pattern according to the business days and time limits set for the organization. However, the admin can disable this option in the settings and only allow single bookings.

Can one person book multiple resources (i.e. desks, rooms, etc.) and assign others to them?

Yes, admins can assign a host when creating a reservation.

Can I create a reservation on behalf of someone else?

Yes, admins can assign a host when creating a reservation.

Can I set a meeting to Private?

No, we do not currently support this feature.

In the “Schedule” tab, all users can see the title, host’s first and last name, and times of a reservation.

Can I add custom fields to the reservation form?

No. However, you can include helpful information, valuable links, or contact info in guidelines and a reminder message displayed to the user after each booking they create.

Can I charge my users for reservations?

No, we do not support payments for bookings.

Local Reservations

Do I have to sign in for a Local Reservation?

No, we want your reservations to be one touch away. Simply hit the “Use Now” button to start a Local Reservation.

Can I limit the duration of a Local Reservation?

Yes,  in the “Settings” tab, you can limit how long local and web reservations can be.

Room Displays / Hardware / Tablet Devices

Do you fit our Room Displays?

No, at Roomzilla we are just a software company, so you would need to purchase and install the hardware separately.

What devices does Roomzilla work on?

Being a cloud-based application, Roomzilla is fully accessible from a browser on all devices.

Do I have to download an APP for your Room Display feature?

No, we don’t require our customers to download an additional application. You can easily pair your Room with a tablet via a web browser.

What are the best tablets for Room Displays?

We always recommend our customers to use Apple iPads with Roomzilla, but you can use most tablet devices as Room Displays. As long as it has a browser with a Kiosk mode, you are ready to go.

How many tablets can we use?

There is no limitation to the number of resources you can add in Roomzilla and connect with remote devices. However, you would need to source these yourself.

Can I use Room Display in a vertical orientation?

Yes, using Room Displays in a vertical orientation is possible. Nonetheless, we recommend a horizontal direction as the application is better suited.

Check-In and Auto-Delete

How can I check in for my reservations?

You can check in via Room Display (tablet), QR code, or email.

Admins are also able to pre check-in reservations.

How does Email Check-In work?

With Email Check-In, you can simply check in for your reservations by clicking the emailed link that will arrive 5 minutes before your booking begins.

How can I check in via Room Display?

If your Company has tablets displayed next to Rooms, simply hit the “Check-In” button at the start of your reservation.

How can I check in via QR code?

If your Company has QR codes placed on/near the bookable Resources, simply scan the code and hit the “Check-In” button at the start of your reservation.

How do I make my reservations longer?

You can add time to your reservation from the Room Display device, QR code, or extend your reservation’s time on the web page.

How do I automatically remove missed reservations?

Roomzilla can do this for you with our auto-delete feature. You can decide how many minutes a user has to check in, and if this is missed, we will remove the booking to free up the space for others.

Insights / Reports

Can I gain insight into how my resources are being utilized?

Yes, in the “Reports” tab, you can get information about all reservations made to your resources, including past, future, deleted, auto-canceled, and rejected.

Can I generate the reports on a room or a user basis?

Yes, Roomzilla offers a “Heavy Users” report, which summarizes the time of all reservations and the number of auto-canceled reservations per user. You can customize the date ranges, resources, days, and hours according to your requirements.

Is there a way to export the reports?

Yes, within your Roomzilla account, you can access and download “Raw Data” and “Heavy Users” reports from the “Reports” tab in the form of .csv files.

Office Maps

Can I have a floor-plan uploaded into Roomzilla?

Yes, you can have multiple maps’ images added. Accessing from the “Maps” tab, all users can view how your space is organized and easily navigate around. In addition, “Maps” are conveniently accessible within a dedicated tab on the Roomzilla mobile version.

Office Equipment

Can I add different resource types than are listed (Room, Desk, Equipment)?

No, if none of the available types are suitable, please choose from the suggested options (“Room” if this resource will be linked with a tablet, or “Desk”/”Equipment” if bookable solely via the web/QR code). Define your resource by entering a description, grouping, or assigning amenities.

Can I add portable equipment to our list of resources?

Yes, with Roomzilla there are no limits to what you can have available. When creating your resources, you have the option to select the “Resource Type”. If you provide an image and information where it can be found, your users will do so easily.

External Integrations

Do you offer integration with Google Workspace?

Yes, Roomzilla offers a native two-way integration with a Google Workspace corporate account.

Do you offer integration with Microsoft Office 365?

Not yet. However, we will be developing a native two-way Microsoft 365 integration that will allow your users to create reservations directly through their personal calendars in your organization’s Microsoft 365 domain.

Do you provide an API?

Not currently.

Do you offer Zoom and Slack integration?

Not currently.

Do you offer integration with Azure AD?

Not currently.


How do I become a paying customer?

Simply add the credit card to your Roomzilla page or let our Sales Team know; we can then assist with anything you may need before the launch.

Do I need to add a credit card on file even if I intend to use the free version of Roomzilla?

Yes, in order to upgrade your Roomzilla trial to a full account, you need to link a credit card before the trial period ends. The Free plan allows you to use up to 3 resources for free. Your credit card will only be charged when you upgrade to the Standard or Business plan, or when the 4th resource is activated. At that point, charges apply for all active resources.

How much does Roomzilla cost?

Roomzilla operates on a monthly pricing model, where fees are charged upfront and calculated on a resource-by-resource basis.

We provide three subscription plans: Free, Standard, and Business, each offering different features. With the Free plan, you can utilize up to 3 resources at no cost.

The pricing per resource per month varies depending on the plan selected, with rates set at $20 or $12. Monthly rates are lower if you opt for an annual subscription. For further information, please visit our pricing page.

Is there a set-up fee?

No, we only charge for the resources you have enabled on your page. There are no additional fees.

Do you offer different pricing for different kinds of resources?

Yes, while our listed price is $20 per room per month, we do tailor the price based on your room and resource needs.

What is the payment frequency?

You can pay for your subscription Monthly or Annually.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept Credit Card on file payments for monthly subscriptions, whereas paying via ACH transfer is possible for annual subscriptions.

What is the Net Term?

The Service is invoiced in advance. Payment is due on the 1st business day of a new billing cycle. The fee is charged automatically to the Credit Card added on file in the ‘Billing’ tab of your Roomzilla.

Do you provide discounts for Not-for-Profit organizations?

Yes, we do offer not-for-profit pricing to our customers. Contact our Sales Team for more info.

Do you collect sales tax?

As we are a software-based product, there is no sales tax to be included as part of our services.