Check-in and Auto-cancelation for efficient space management

Our Goal

At Roomzilla, we understand the importance of efficient space management and minimizing unattended meetings. With our Check-In and Auto-Cancellation feature, each user making a reservation is required to confirm their booking through a display screen located outside the meeting room or via a link in their email. This confirmation, or ``Check-In,`` must be done within a designated time frame.
roomzilla approval queue

Space Optimization

Roomzilla helps to optimize space utilization by minimizing the number of meetings that never actually take place. When a user fails to confirm their reservation within the specified time, the system automatically cancels the booking, making the room available for others to use.

Reduce no-shows

Check-In and Auto-Cancellation feature helps to reduce no-shows, as users are prompted to confirm their reservation, reducing the likelihood of unattended meetings.

Promotes accountability

Roomzilla also promotes accountability, as users are required to take action to confirm their booking, ensuring that they are committed to their reservation.

How it works?

Check in your reservation!

Before starting your meeting, remember to check in! You can do it on the display of your conference room or alternatively via the link in the email. Forgot? it's okay, our sound notifications will remind you of it.

Do not waste time

Every business has unique needs when it comes to check-ins, which is why our application allows organizations to define their own check-in times to optimize space utilization. This feature is especially beneficial for conference rooms and other resources that are unique to your business, ensuring that reserved spaces are maximizing productivity.


Our application automatically rejects reservations for conference rooms if a check-in is not completed within the defined time frame. This ensures that the space is efficiently utilized and prevents unclaimed bookings from blocking availability for other users.