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Pre checking-in a reservation

Learn here how to check-in a reservation in advance. If you need to block a room, e.g. for maintenance, use this option so that your reservation is not removed due to auto-cancel.

Check-in must be required by your organization for this option to appear.

1. To get things started, log in as Admin and head to the “Schedule” tab [1].

2. Select the reservation [2] you want to check-in in advance to open the edit form.

3. Hit the “Pre Check-In” button [3] and confirm.

4. Done! The reservation will be marked as “Checked-In” both in the reservation edit window [4], and the reservation tile on the timeline [5], and its host will be notified with an email.


The following aspects are worth noting:

  • This option is available only for Users with an Admin role.
  • Only existing reservations can be checked-in in advance. This option is shown on the edit form, not when the booking is initially created.
  • For repeating reservations, pre check-in can only be made to one occurrence at a time.
  • Pre check-in cannot be undone, however the reservation can be edited.