How It Works

Roomzilla is an intuitive room booking system all around: easy to implement as well as manage, ready to use in less than 5 minutes from sign up. To make it even more accessible, the platform is not only multi-device (including room display) compatible, but has also been designed with the “new normal” in mind, allowing for minimal contact when interacting with it. If you want to find out more, take a look at our video!

Search & Filters

You can specify the date, meeting duration, capacity, type of the room & amenities needed

Maps & Hot Desks

With our active floor maps, you are able to see which rooms or hot desks are available in real time

Room Display

It does not matter if you're using Android tablets or iPads, Roomzilla works perfectly on all of them

Roomzilla Is Not Just Office Management

Wherever there is a need to manage space and rooms, Roomzilla is there to support. Even our growing number of clients come from various industries with a wide range of requirements. Office, hot desks and conference rooms? Of course. Venues, classrooms, halls and laboratories? Our platform has proven itself here within other setups as well. And with our low cost, why not even try us for your home office? Also, read our blog for some further inspiration.

Work lean with lean pricing for your team


Maggie O’Toole

W ithout Roomzilla we would go out of our minds! LabCentral has 27 conference rooms, 10 phone booths, and 3 nap rooms spanning two facilities. All of this shared by more than 60 companies and over 300 people… Without Roomzilla we would go out of our minds trying to manage all those resources – Roomzilla does it all online in real-time, and the technology looks sharp on the walls!

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