Quick Reservations(QR) for desk and equipment management

Our Goal

At Roomzilla, we're dedicated to simplifying your workspace management and enhancing resource utilization. With our Quick Reservations (QR) feature, we empower you to seamlessly reserve and utilize various resources, ensuring that space isn't wasted. With Quick Reservations (QR), users can conveniently make bookings by scanning QR codes placed near resources. This straightforward process ensures efficient resource allocation while minimizing complexity.

Efficiency in Resource Management

QR codes enable efficient resource management. Reservations and resource access become quick and error-free, allowing for better utilization of available resources.

Accountability for Reservations

Our QR (quick meetings) system allows reservation tracking, promoting accountability in resource usage. Users are more likely to confirm and use their reservations, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Ease of implementation

Our quick meetings solution is not only effective but also easy to implement. Simply print the relevant QR codes and affix them to your resources. It's a quick and hassle-free process, enabling you to start using the system immediately.