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Our innovative application allows you to seamlessly reserve and manage resources, such as:


With Roomzilla's room management tools, organizations can not only easily reserve and optimize a variety of room types, but also streamline their operations by automating scheduling, tracking usage, and generating insightful reports to help improve resource allocation and utilization.


Roomzilla provides seamless management of hot desks, allowing organizations to effectively implement hybrid work policies. With Roomzilla, employees can easily reserve available hot desks on-demand or in advance, based on their needs, ensuring optimal utilization of office space while accommodating remote and in-person work arrangements.

And more ...

Roomzilla goes beyond just managing rooms and desks, as it can also be used to optimize and manage a wide range of resources, including laboratory equipment. From audio-visual equipment and office furniture to specialized tools and instruments, vehicles, and parking spaces, Roomzilla offers a versatile solution for effective resource management.

More than meeting room booking system

With Roomzilla, you can easily check room availability in real-time and optimize space utilization. The app includes check-in functionality for meetings and an intuitive timeline view for advanced bookings. Filters based on room name, duration, and more make finding the perfect space simple. Roomzilla also provides valuable insights into space utilization, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
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How will you utilize Roomzilla in your company?

Room / Desk / Equipment

Laboratory equipment

Specialized Equipment

Depending on your organization’s needs, Roomzilla can also be used to manage specialized equipment, such as laboratory equipment, fitness equipment, or other unique resources that require reservation and coordination to ensure their availability and proper usage.

Audio-Visual (AV) Equipment

Roomzilla allows you to easily reserve AV equipment, such as projectors, screens, sound systems, and video conferencing tools, ensuring they are available and ready for your meetings or events.

Vehicles and Parking Spaces

Roomzilla can be used to manage vehicles and parking spaces, allowing you to reserve company cars, bicycles, or parking spots, ensuring that they are available when needed and maximizing their utilization.

Shared Tools and Resources

Roomzilla can also be used to manage shared tools and resources, such as projectors, laptops, cameras, or other equipment that may be shared among different teams or departments within an organization.