Quick Reservations (QR) – Resource Displays explained

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Quick Reservations (QR) - Resource Displays explained

Quick Reservations (QR) – Resource Displays via QR codes are a great complement to the Roomzilla web room booking system, enabling you to use your mobile phone for:

  • check in to your meeting, if required
  • make spontaneous reservations whenever you need one, directly at the Resource
  • view ongoing and upcoming events
  • extend the time of the meeting with one finger tap
  • end the meeting earlier and free up space for others

Here’s a brief guide on using QR codes:

1. Open your mobile phone’s camera application and scan the QR code located on or near the Resource you wish to use.

2. You may be prompted to log in to your Roomzilla user account. However, if you already have an active session on your mobile device, you will be directed straight to the Resource Display view.

3. Explanations of the screens you might encounter are provided below:



A green screen means that this Room is currently available.

Tap the “Use Now” button [1] to start your reservation right away.

See upcoming” section [2] to see events scheduled for the day and slots available.















A yellow screen means there is a scheduled booking waiting for check-in. If there is no prior meeting scheduled in the room, the yellow check-in screen will appear 5 minutes before the start of the next reservation. If you arrive early and tap the “Check In” button [3], your reservation will start right away.

If you are on time or even late, you will still be able to check in within the time set in your organization [4].








A red screen means that there is an ongoing meeting.

Finished earlier? Tap the “End Now” button [5] on the exit, so others can use the space. A dialog window will appear, giving you 30 seconds to cancel your request.

If the meeting is prolonged and you need more time – tap the button [6] to add some to your meeting. Reservation can be extended (+15min with each click) until the time limit is reached or the next event is scheduled.











A blue screen means this Room is not currently available for bookings due to the organization’s settings.


A grey screen means the device has no Internet connection. Once the connection is restored, the Resource Display screen will refresh automatically.