Seamless Google Calendar Integration with Roomzilla

How it works?

Discover how Roomzilla seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar to optimize your workspace management. With just three simple steps, you can unlock the full potential of efficient office space utilization:

Authentication and Data Retrieval

Begin by authenticating Roomzilla with your Google Workspace admin account. This step automatically fetches resources, user data, and current events from Google Calendar.

Tablet Pairing or QR Code Generation

After authentication, pair your tablets or generate QR codes effortlessly. This step ensures that both internal and external users can easily access and book office spaces.

Ready for Use

Once paired or equipped with QR codes, your office spaces are ready for use. Users can quickly find and reserve the right space, streamlining your office's daily operations.

Benefits of Roomzilla's Google Calendar Integration

Discover the advantages of integrating Roomzilla with Google Calendar to optimize your workspace management. Roomzilla makes it easy for your organization to harness the power of Google Calendar seamlessly. Here's why you should choose Roomzilla:

Your Benefits:

Effortless Google Calendar integration

Roomzilla seamlessly syncs with Google Calendar, automating the process of resource and user management. No manual setup required—simply authenticate as a Google Workspace admin, and Roomzilla takes care of the rest.

Accessibility for all

Roomzilla empowers both Google Workspace users and external consultants who may not have access to Google Calendar to efficiently utilize office space. It’s a flexible solution designed to meet diverse organizational needs.

Streamlined resource management with tablets and QR codes

Manage resources such as meeting rooms, workstations, or other facilities effortlessly using Roomzilla’s tablet interface or QR codes. You can easily track availability and bookings, ensuring everyone finds the right space at the right time.

Seamless integration without new tools

With Roomzilla, there’s no need to introduce a new tool to your organization or train employees extensively. It seamlessly fits into your existing workflow, making workspace management easier for everyone.

Shared Tools and Resources

Roomzilla can also be used to manage shared tools and resources, such as projectors, laptops, cameras, or other equipment that may be shared among different teams or departments within an organization.