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Created to Make People’s Lives Easier and Less Stressful – Roomzilla Story

Roomzilla Story in Short

Like most recent brilliant start-up idea, which proved well in practice, Roomzilla came into being in 2010. Sounds surprising, but it means over 9 years of real, hands-on experience in room management! However, this appointment booking software has been used for recent 20 years. But unlike lots of such companies, it wasn’t created in the Silicon Valley but in Boston, MA. At first this meeting room reservation system was meant to meet the needs of Cambridge Innovation Center, known also as CIC but soon this appointment scheduling software proved itself so well that other companies in Boston and around the city began using it as well. And which is something to really brag about and be proud of, companies using Roomzilla room manager include such stars like MIT’s laboratories and Mass Challenge startup accelerator!

Since then Roomzilla have been continuously spreading its ideas and meeting room scheduling software – at first around the United States and then also across the whole globe. Nowadays, our room booking software is present in 80 cities in 16 countries on 3 continents!

If so, there must be something in Roomzilla’s conference room scheduling system that makes it work so well. What is it?

The Core

The main ideas, standing behind Roomzilla meeting room scheduler were simplicity and easiness of use. And this is still the core and the unending quest to manage room booking more efficiently. This is what makes Roomzilla room manager a real invention. It is created to make people’s lives easier and less stressful. Simple as that, but in fact it’s much more complicated than you could imagine.

Probably everyone who worked in larger company, not even mentioning huge corporations, knows the feeling of frustration while trying to use a conference room scheduling system or finding out that their reservation was cancelled in the last time. Or didn’t even appear in the meeting room scheduling software in the first place. Sounds familiar? This was one of the problems Roomzilla had to deal with in the first place – people over-occupying spaces or ‘ghost reservations’. Combined issue of no-shows with people too busy to think about such a small thing.

So, when we are on it, what are the main problems this appointment scheduling software had to solve?

Obviously, such meeting room reservation system was the answer to the problem of companies lacking system to control their office sources. Second of all, some had such system already but it was complicated or inefficient, so the other task was to make this room booking software user-friendly, widely available and shareable and simply easy to use.

The last issue we already talked about – over-occupying spaces, ghost reservations, no-shows in the booked rooms and people, who didn’t remember about their not necessary reservations. Which is usually because of the time management, not just being rude!
And then Roomzilla stepped in.

Features – Ease of Use

Roomzilla solved it all. First of all, this room manager can be integrated with Google products, Office 365 and Outlook. Thanks to which no one can weasel out of implementing appointment scheduling software! Smart move, isn’t it?

Besides, did we mention that this meeting room scheduler is also accessible 24/7, thanks to cloud access? Yeah, you can book rooms wherever they are, whenever you wish. We are all glued to are mobiles, so booking a room is now only a few additional swipes and taps. That’s why this room manager works on any device – anything with apple on, anything with Android robot in. Your choice. You don’t even have to download an app, because it’s all based on your browser.

In addition, meeting room reservation system also has room displays, timeline view and one-click booking feature. Now it’s easy to find the suitable space and book it. There’s even more – Roomzilla meeting room reservation system is designed in such a way that color-blind people would have no problem in recognizing labels and coding. Quick, easy and accessible for everyone. Bullseye!

Features – Solving Old and New Problems

Moreover, another feature of Roomzilla’s meeting room scheduler is the in-built check-in system, which, combined with autodelete functionality, clears the unoccupied space in the system quickly, making the rooms available for booking. Even if you forget to cancel your booking, check-in and autodelete would straighten the situation quickly enough to let another co-worker host a meeting in the room you’ve booked before if it turned out that you don’t need it anymore.

On the other hand, Roomzilla room booking software also has sound notifications. Business meetings can be really tough and need all your attention and focus. Why should you stare at the clock all the time? Sound notifications will let you know when your booking is going to end soon and then again when it’s over. Not only it lifts the stress off your shoulders but makes the whole book management system more efficient, cause no one would occupy their space longer than they should.

When it comes to room booking software, there is always someone who has to manage this issue. That’s why Roomzilla implemented advanced reports and helps analyzing the data. Every workspace is a living organism, busy like a beehive, so it is indeed crucial to understand what’s going on inside. Moreover, Roomzilla is not only a meeting room scheduling software. Our crew, after 9 years in the business, has valuable know-how and helps to organize workspaces in the real space, not only virtually. We will gladly provide you some insights about space utility and general improvements.

Vision and The Future

Development is never finished – does anyone thinks differently? Roomzilla is striving to make it room manager even better and struggles really hard and patiently to become a worldwide workspace management expert. Roomzilla simply wants to create everything you need to run your workspace more efficiently in one place.

This is the path towards Smart Workspace. You can see new Roomzilla features already on the horizon – community management, events management, visitors management and indoor navigation, HVAC and energy optimization module… There will surely be more and more to make the office life a little easier and more manageable.

Everything a new generation of creative people needs to do the work it is best at.