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Roomzilla is an out of the box solution for effectively managing your office spaces including meeting rooms scheduling and office equipment reservations. It easily integrates with your existing calendars and doesn’t require any custom hardware. Roomzilla is extremely easy to set up and use, but offers powerful features such as reporting and intelligent scheduling.

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Roomzilla integrations

A variety of integrations

Our meeting room reservation system integrates seamlessly with the most popular calendar systems e.g. Google, Office 365, Outlook and Exchange. Not only will we walk you through the installation, but we also offer extensive support afterwards. With our help, you will be able to put Roomzilla to good use, whether for booking meeting rooms, desk sharing or managing other real estate in your office.

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Intelligent scheduling

You’re fed up with people booking meeting rooms and then never showing up? Get rid of these ‘ghost reservations’ with our check-in & auto-delete features. It allows you to make the most of your company’s resources and ensuring your office real estate is always optimised.

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No custom hardware required

With Roomzilla you don’t need any custom hardware. Our system works perfectly on any internet browser and integrates with all most popular tablets e.g. iPads, MS Surface or Samsung Tabs.

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