Roomzilla Features

All that you need to run your workspace efficiently in one place


Integrate with your current
Calendar system

Integrating your current calendar system with our software has never been easier. Book rooms in Roomzilla directly from your Google or Office 365 calendar. Choose the calendar you work with and sync it with Roomzilla to make your life easier.


Check-in & auto-delete features

You’re fed up with people booking in rooms and then never showing up? Get rid of ghost reservations with our check-in & auto-delete features. This lets you make the most of your company’s resources and making sure your office real estate is always optimised.


Booking simple as it gets

Our meeting room display module which can be launched on any tablet will let you visually identify the room you booked as well as make reservations at the door. The interactive signage system provides real-time information about your rooms’ availability and will never guide you in the wrong direction.


Never again worry about rooms being booked while they shouldn’t be

Our Admin Booking Approval Queue feature gives admins full control over your resources. User created reservations will be added directly to the queue where an admin will decide which is approved or declined. Thanks to that you may maintain 100% control over your office real-estate and make sure no one books it without prior acceptance.


API Integration

Thanks to our API integration Roomzilla can be seamlessly integrated with all your internal systems directly. You don’t have to worry about using other external applications, simply add your overlay and the API connection will take care of the rest.


Take control of
Your space usage data

Your space is a living organism and for it to thrive you need to analyze the data we supply. Enhance your understanding of when, how and who uses the space with our analytics tool. Roomzilla allows you to run reports and extract information about the usage of your meeting rooms. Be sure to take full advantage of this feature to further optimize your space, for instance by avoiding abandoned reservations!


Power in simplicity

Finding the right room for a meeting has never been easier. Compare the rooms by their location, capacities and availability, then pick the time and book the meeting on our smart interactive timeline. Looking to book an available room directly from the door? All you need to do is tap just once. There’s no need to share any details or information when making on-site reservations. Booking made easy!