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Desk Hoteling? What’s It All About

Desk Hoteling? What is it?

While the pandemic continues, more countries and companies are coming to grips with not only how to handle it, but also how to ensure business continuity within it. We’ve written numerous articles on the remote work culture, the hot desk trend, and how they even both work together; however, there is one topic that we have not really discussed. Desk Hoteling. No it has nothing to do with booking your next vacation, but it actually defines one of the main reasons of why the Roomzilla platform is so essential.

Now that we’ve clarified that we’re not discussing a hotel booking system, desk hoteling is somewhat of a more organized approach to hot desking, and while the terms are used interchangeably, they shouldn’t be. Hot desking implies the “on the spot” searching and reserving of a space (i.e. desk), whereas desk hoteling is all about pre-booking a resource / space and not only for one moment (i.e. hour, day, time, etc.) but also with the possibility of reserving it for a specified or recurring period of time. There are countless benefits that are being toted not only by reports but even by our competitors; however, as you can imagine – without the proper setup in place – this format can also result in those benefits being negated.

While desk hoteling may be a more efficient usage of workplace real estate – without the proper platform & setup in place – it does also potentially allow for a large amount of wastage as the possibility of overbooking “ghost” reservations reappears, now instead of being an on premises only challenge, it has expanded into being one in the new era of hybrid telecommuting. Needless to say, this new trend is where a platform like Roomzilla’s shines. When looking at our expanding feature set, we’ve worked hard to provide a platform that manages all sorts of workplace needs, from the more “traditional” to what is required now. With us, the very effective hotel desking option can be managed and implemented efficiently ensuring that your workplace gets used to the fullest extent.