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New world and new features wanted – changes in Resource Reservations Systems industry


If you’re interested in how the industry of Resource Reservation Systems has changed in the past year and

  • what are the most wanted features and how they can change your office life
  • how did the demand inquiries change 
  • how related is Functional Safety with our industry now-a-days and how easy it is to implement


The next few paragraphs will give you in depth analysis of those changes. 


In February 2020 our private as well as business world basically collapsed.

Many countries went through lockdowns, some of them went through it even multiple times. Multiple industries and businesses suffered severe losses, and we were all thinking what’s going to happen to us when nobody goes to the office anymore. As you may know our industry, our product is designed to help people manage their office spaces, resources and simply make their life easier. 

At the end of a day, it was a challenge for us to adjust to new standards, however, the transition wasn’t too bad. Actually it was quite good and very satisfying.


By transition I mean we still do what we used to do, but we’ve also added many additional features to Roomzilla in order to offer you a wider range of functionalities with one product and open ourselves to more, new potential customers that are not only looking for a simple, easy to use resource reservation system but also a system to manage remote work, desks as well as capacity of the office restricted with new Covid standards and safety. Such a solution became essential in every office life lately. Why?


Risk assessment and consultation between employers and workers is very important for setting up and implementing physical distancing measures at the workplace. This may require modification of workstations, changing the use of common spaces and transport vehicles, staggered work shifts, split teams and other measures to reduce social mixing at the workplace.

If physical distancing measures at the workplace are not feasible for specific work tasks, consider whether the work can be suspended, and if this is not possible, apply additional protective measures, such as the use of management software, screens, sneeze guards, face masks, enhanced hand hygiene, ventilation and disinfection.


With all of the rules mentioned above, reduced office area and switching partially to remote work, you may think, how do I implement so many things in just a few days, and how to do that smoothly?

Helping people like you has pushed us forward. Customers are trying to achieve something called the “new-normal, normal-ish life” at least at some level and we can help you achieve your goal. This is now a big part of our work and what’s most important we have the right tool with the right features. Thanks to that the transition is just a formality.  


I know what you may be thinking – “implementing so many new rules and standards seems to be difficult to introduce and especially to handle”. Believe me, it won’t be a big challenge for you if you use the right tools. 

You can simply implement and adjust your office to the highest standards by using Roomzilla and its Hot Desk management system with interactive floor maps that will help you reduce the risk a lot, lift up office safety standards and let your employees make a reservation and see how the social distancing is kept within just one day. 


Hot Desk management system and interactive floor maps, what for?

Our development team has spent quite a bit of time on delivering this part of Roomzilla to customers, and every single minute of their time was definitely worth it. 

With this solution you are able to create maps, draw and activate only the resources you want to be accessed by your employees, keep the social distance between them and on top of it, you  can easily group the resources the way you want, example by teams, departments etc. 


This part of Roomzilla plays an important role not only for companies that are fully working from the office but also for those that switched partially to remote work as well. 

It allows employees to see what’s available on a chosen day and shows if there are any resources matching their criteria, so they can book it in advance and come to the office accordingly with their reservation.  

On the other hand, managers can track the office life, presence of employees at work on a particular day with our reports and agenda views.


Using Roomzilla in the office

Whenever you’re in the office, Roomzilla can be used as usual. It will help you find and book a conference room for a meeting, desk, parking lot, etc. 

We also did our best to help you keep the highest level of safety in the meeting rooms.


We have introduced blocking off time between meetings, so the meeting room can be disinfected after each meeting, besides that you can also limit the minimum and maximum reservation time, request the exact number of participants to each meeting when somebody is making a reservation for a room and switch off office availability based on days.

Once you start running out of available space for reservation, our system’s heat map will show it to you. 


Last but not least, we’ve also delivered two new options for checking-in for your meetings. 

You can now do it without touching the screen on tablets that are hanging in front of a room. You can simply do it via email or scan the QR code that’s visible on the display with your mobile device. 


What’s in it for you?

Keeping your employees safe will definitely increase their productivity and well being. 

On the top of functionalities listed above, we’ve also focused on delivering important information for office/facility managers to help them keep the detailed reporting in place. 

You can track each member’s presence in the office, every single reservation on a member, team and resource basis within the chosen period of time. 

We are aware of how the reporting part is important for office life, Roomzilla will deliver every aspect of it to you with just one click. 


Moving forward with our adaptation and features delivered, we’ve turned from a resource reservation system into something more, something that has become essential lately in every office worldwide.


Quick summary from me.

As a sales person, I’m seeing a lot of positive changes in demand and buyers expectations every single month, even week. 

Honestly, it becomes a pleasure to be able to help more and more clients, industries in achieving previously mentioned “some kind of a normal office life”. 

I do understand that sometimes this might not seem to be an easy process to implement at the very beginning, but trust me the final results and satisfaction are there. 


Observation of new customers joining our platform every single week is amazing. 

What’s even more amazing? The fact that we’ve managed to reduce the conversion rate from 28 to 14 days just in the past 6 months. 

Our strategy in possessing new customers from different industries is definitely paying off. 

Turns out that our new customers didn’t only look for a room reservation system, plenty of them don’t even have rooms. They’re now using us for managing office life with the remote work in place, managing desks, laboratories, heavy equipment, parking lots and many other types of resources.


If you’re in a phase of re-opening your office, adjusting it to the highest standards, or you’re basically looking for some convenient and efficient help, we’re definitely here for you. 

Please visit our page at and don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us