Unique Know-How

Product based on 18 years of real-office experience

18 Years Of Real-Office Experience

Roomzilla had initially been developed to meet the business needs of CIC, the world’s leader in innovation. The next years have seen our room reservation system being implemented by other communities as we shared our experience and always encouraged innovation.

Smart Office

There’s more to Roomzilla than just facilitating meeting rooms managing. In a broader perspective, we’re interested in everything that contributes to making offices smart. If you’re looking to revamp your office, our blog can be a great source of inspiration.

Gain An Insight Into Your Space’s Usage

Roomzilla allows you to run reports and extract information about the usage of your meeting rooms. Be sure to take full advantage of this feature to further optimize your space, for instance by avoiding abandoned reservations!

Video handbooks & Support

We offer comprehensive guides and extensive support. We will walk you through the installation process and resolve all your queries in a timely and quality manner.

Easy to implement

Setting up Roomzilla is as straightforward as it gets

Works on any device

You can quickly access Roomzilla no matter the platform. Your users can access it from all their devices, whether they are iPads, Android tablets or Microsft Surface. Your custom Roomzilla site works fine in any web browser, and no additional software is required.

Google and Outlook integration

Book rooms in Roomzilla directly from your Google or Office 365 calendar. Choose the calendar you work with and sync it with Roomzilla to make your life easier. Check out our integrations.

Meeting room display module

You can launch our meeting room display module on any tablet. It will let you visually identify the room you booked as well as make reservations at the door. The interactive signage system provides real-time information about your rooms’ availability and will never guide you in the wrong direction.

Accessibility features

Roomzilla strives to be user-friendly for everyone, including those who suffer from sight problems. Our color coding and design cater to the needs of color-blind people, and the room displays have been designed in such a way as to be easily readable even from a long distance away.

Easy to use

The power of simplicity

Timeline view

Finding the right room for a meeting has never been easier. For instance, compare the rooms by their location, capacities and availability, then pick the time and book the meeting on our smart interactive timeline.

Cloud access

Make a booking anytime, anywhere. We offer 24/7 cloud access to our product, thus enabling our customers to manage and book rooms wherever they are, at all times.

One-click booking

Looking to book an available room directly from the door? All you need to do is tap just once. There’s no need to share any details or information when making on-site reservations. Easy!

Sound notifications

Business meetings can be stressful enough, so there’s no reason to compound the stress. Our discreet sound notifications will let you know in advance that your meeting is about to end, or that it’s already finished. Keep your watch for when you really need it.

Effective use of resources

Roomzilla has a lot to offer

Email notifications for bookings

Get smart booking notifications sent out directly to your email address upon making a reservation or when the meeting time is drawing near.

Advanced reports

Your space is a living organism and for it to thrive you need to analyze the data we supply. Enhance your understanding of when, how and who uses the space with our analytics tool.

Check-in feature

You’re fed up with people booking in rooms and then never showing up? Get rid of ghost reservations with our check-in feature.  This lets you make the most of your company’s resources.

Rediscover and reconfigure your space with our insights

Look into how your office is being used so that you can optimize it with the insights we provide into your space’s utility. Check bookings not likely to happen and what improvements you can make to your shared space set-up.