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Still Need A Workplace Management System? Even More Than Before.

Workplace Management? Yes Please.

A few years ago, we wrote about how to determine whether or not you needed a conference room booking system. Those was simpler times in our industry and the trip down memory lane reminds us of how rapidly this industry has changed over just the course of a very short period of time. Back then, Roomzilla was just at the beginning of its adventure into workplace management, mainly focusing on coworking & office management and – within that sector – placing a further emphasis on managing conference rooms. Our features were different, our pricing model as well, and our whole industry was writing article upon article of how important conference room management software was. A search will show you a list of articles from around the time. It’s almost like looking back at your high school photos and remembering the awkwardness at the time. Just like that period of our lives, even popularity was a difficult status to achieve and without continuing the analogy too much further, the same was true of our industry: we supported the fact that we were necessary and tried to push our popularity; however, the truth was, we weren’t always on the top of a company’s budget spend.

Fast forward a few years and we not only had more accurate reports on workplace real estate wastage in terms of both how its inefficient use was is costing a business too much but also its dated setup, but we also have no had a seismic shift within the global scene. Yes the pandemic has certainly changed the way we all work. It has also changed the way our industry has grown up these past few years (ok, that is the last reference to the analogy above). Any company that wants to even consider running a workplace setup now, not only needs to think of design and safety of the space itself, but efficient management. We don’t even use the word conference room in our offering as much anymore, as it’s all about workplaces of any type nowadays. We focus now more on the complete workspace & resource management solution that we’ve become both by staying on top of the trends but also being forced to. If we were still pitching our product from years back today, there would be no Roomzilla now. A different analogy this time: it would be like us pitching an mp3 player in the era of smartphones.

So the answer is yes, one must now actually have a workplace management system in order to have an effective capability of being able to micromanage the space within the current pace without going insane. How to pick one is another topic, but in nutshell, we recommend outlining why you actually need one in the first place. What are you trying to solve and achieve? If it is desk hoteling then features like our queuing system and contactless checkin are key (especially as we are introducing more contactless options). If it is granular floor plan space management, then our interactive map is critical. Of course there is pricing, but that should not be a main factor. Roomzilla, has also refined and developed its product with a lot of client and prospect input and what should not be underestimated is – when picking a company and its platform – aim for one that really will work with you and develop a solution that actually makes sense. It’s now a very volatile time, “stiff” companies should not be on your agenda. Roomzilla and our platform are far from stiff and – if you’re ready – reach out to us and we’ll show you why.