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Top 12 Meeting Room Names Ideas for Your Office – Part 2

Have you ever worked in an office with room names telling you absolutely nothing, or have you you found yourself in situations like the one below:

Good morning, fellow co-worker! Please don’t forget about our meeting at 10 AM. Where is it being held? In the empty room next to  the office that’s near the kitchen, on the right, after you pass by the HR office. It’s room D-254. Yup, right there! 

If your answer is ‘yes’ to one of the question above – read on!

Tired of this type of occurrence? We feel you. Since we know that you absolutely loved our first series of Creative Conference Room Names, we thought that we should bring another round of inspiration for you.

We don’t want to bother you with theoretical data, but organisational experts claim that office design (conference room decor & names included) inspires innovation, collaboration, and even happiness among employees.

That being said, by properly naming your rooms, you can not only identify them easier and faster, but you will also have a laugh or get inspired right before entering the room. So, here we go!

1. Chirp your way into the meeting like Twitter does

Some companies really know how to have fun, while also building a strong brand. At Twitter, the employees gather into bird-named meeting rooms, such as: Ostrich, Canary, Dove, Raven, Mallard, Falcon, Peacock, Seagull, Chick and Penguin (our personal favorites)!

`The birds are an homage to our logo and our beginnings as a company`, a Twitter team member says.

Now, you don’t have to bring this entire bird sanctuary into your own office. The idea is to analyse your brand and come up with names that totally speak for it, in a clever and funny way.

2. Make your meeting rooms out-of-this-world like SpaceX

Elon Musk’s company has a lot of amazing accomplishments. SpaceX knows its worth and appreciates its industry to the moon and back (pun intended).

Their conference rooms are named after famous astronauts like Neil Armstrong, John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin. They also have conference rooms named after great scientists like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

The point is, if you want to show your commitment to your industry and create an inspirational mood within the company, choose famous, awe-inspiring names.

3. Find your way to the meeting room without having to Google it

As you can already imagine, Google chose a creative, fun and purposeful way to name their conference rooms. For their New York Office, they used famous landmarks of the city to label meeting rooms.

So, if you want to get to the City Hall or the Washington Heights room, you know which direction to go. More names are Central Park’s Great Lawn, George Washington Bridge and Radio City – North to South, super easy to find!

For another floor, they used an even nicer concept: the four seasons. You can have it all: Snowball, Winterfell, Oktoberfest, Easter Eggs, Lemonade Stand and Sandcastle. They follow the same compass rule.

So, if you have a big office, you might want to get inspired and help your employees (especially the new ones) find their way to the meeting rooms. The `Sorry, I couldn’t find the room` excuse for being late will disappear forever!

4. Give your colleagues a buzz right before the meeting

All meetings should be about having fun, generating new ideas and getting excited about new projects. Buzzfeed knows that and tries to keep the atmosphere fun and relaxed in their NYC office.

Their meeting room names include emojis, celebrities (Ryan Gosling is our favorite room!) and food (Empanada, Waffle Fries, Grilled Cheese) – don’t use these last rooms before lunch.

Thus, please get rid of those boring number plates. `Room 12`, go away and make some space for `Room Confetti Cake Extravaganza`!

5. Take Facebook’s example and have some fun

Facebook has some of the most creative meeting room names. Their NY office features `Toxicated`, `Appropriate` and `Sane`. Maybe it sounds strange at first, but imagine saying `This meeting will be in Sane`, or `Let’s talk in Toxicated`. Last, but not least, `Call me when you are in Appropriate`. Laughs are guaranteed!

6. Make every meeting feel like a holiday and get inspired by Airbnb

There has been a lot of talk about Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters. Their office is designed just like the listings on their website – simply fabulous!

Mumbai, Rio, Shanghai, Brooklyn and Smiths Lake are only a few of their meeting room names. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to join a meeting in a room called Mexican Log Cabin?!

Therefore, if you work in the travel industry, go ahead and come up with stunning places around the world. Take your co-workers on a trip to London, Barcelona or even Bali, without leaving your office.

7. Get fruity with the Food Network

Let’s face it: food is one of the things we get the most excited about. While Grilled Cheese sounds great (oh, God, yes please!),  you may want to promote a healthier lifestyle among your employees.

At Food Network, the meeting rooms are named after fruit: Banana, Kiwi, Strawberry, and Apple are just a few of those delicious names for juicy meetings.

8. Get some fresh air in the middle of the office, like CNET does

If there was a logical room naming competition, this company would definitely win it. They have their meeting rooms named by their level: minerals for the lower floor, plants for the ground floor.

As you go up, meeting rooms are named after trees, weather formations, stars and finally, galaxies. This way, you can never get lost or, at least, you’ll know what floor you should be on. Super effective and inspired by nature!

9. Get nerdy like MOZ

MOZ took a simple idea and turned it into a fun and witty concept. Their meeting rooms are named after geeky movies and comic books: Death Star, Batcave, Hall of Justice, Spider Skull Island, and Mos Eisley Cantina are only a few of them.

The cherry on top is actually the CEO’s office, named The Wizard of MOZ. Clever guy!

You can also choose a movie based naming system. Use your favorites and ask your employees for funny suggestions and puns. This could turn out to be an interesting project!

10. The group energy is the most powerful source of inspiration

When it came to room naming, Groupon trusted its employees. The team came up with the coolest and funniest conference room names: The Fountain from `Friends` (talk about `I’ll be there for you` vibes), Tiny House for Big Ideas, Executive Playground, Disappointment Beach (you don’t want to go there on your feedback session) and Unavailable.

You can also opt for inside jokes and things that make your colleagues feel at home (or in a funhouse, why not?).

11. Win the Game of Meetings, inspired by Instagram

Game of Thrones causes you a whole lot of nostalgia? Or maybe you want to re-create that competitive and charming (think John Snow) mood in your office? A GoT themed office is the way to go!

Instagram loved it, and implemented the idea a long time ago. Some of their meeting rooms are called Dragonstone, Dothraki Sea, King’s Landing and Riverrun.

12. Color up your work life, like Crayon did

Crayon is a market intelligence platform provider. Not exactly dreamy and artsy, right? However, they chose to bring the office to life by using Crayola-inspired meeting room names.

You can find the Crayon employees in the Mango Tango, Purple Mountain Majesty, Mac and Cheese, Wild Blue Yonder or Laser Lemon rooms. If they’re having a meet-up in the large board room, you will hear them say: `Let’s go in the Outer Space and discuss that in there`. So cool!

Bonus idea: Make your morning meetings bearable!

If you use to hold meetings in the first part of the day, boost your mood with some caffeine-inspired names. Big Espresso, Grande Cappuccino, Caffeine Shot – choose your favorite or use them all, but please don’t go Decaf.

You can also add breakfast options, like Chocolate Pancakes, Honey Oatmeal, Omelette du Fromage (a tiny Dexter reference never killed anyone) or Avocado Toast. Yum!

These names may not make your meetings easier, but they will surely raise the mood and make everyone more excited before entering the room. At Roomzilla, we are obsessed with space & room management, since we ease the meeting organizing process and work for it daily. So trust us, a little magic and playfulness in your office are highly recommended!


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