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34 Creative Conference Room Names

Creative Conference Room Ideas – Part 2

Ever wondered how companies came up with their conference room names? Trying to come up with cool names, but lack fresh ideas? Worry not, we have a great tool solving that issue once and for all!

If you haven’t had a chance to play around with our Conference Room Names Generator, then waste no time and check it out now! You can also learn about how other well-known companies tackled their room naming challenge below.

Conference Room inspirational Names Generator

Paul Smith College found themselves embroiled in a philanthropic controversy. The small, struggling college was being offered a $20 million donation from a wealthy family in exchange for the naming rights to the entire school. Despite the donation being approved by the college president and board of trustees, a judge ruled against the school, telling the school it could not violate the perpetuity stipulation in Paul Smith’s will.

The point here is that people care about names. They have meaning. Names offer identity to everyone. A name, whether it’s for your pet, a college building, or your child, is something you put a great deal of time and effort into.

While the opportunity to name a conference room won’t cost you $20 million, it’s still important. Conference room names add personality to your office and reflect its overall culture. If you’re looking to rename your office’s conference rooms, here’s a list of creative conference room names you can use to kickstart your team’s brainstorming session.

Inspirational meeting room names


The organisation behind the popular web browser, Firefox, have been an integral part of the internet community for years.  To commemorate their time on the internet, Mozilla has a whole host of creative conference room names, all after famous memes and internet slang.

Smaller Conference Rooms (Memes)

Rick Roll


Chuck Norris

Dancy Baby



Leeroy Jenkins

Numa Numa

Keyboard Cat

Peanut Butter Jelly


Mozilla used a fun theme from its industry, the internet, to gather conference room names. Nothing specific to their company.

Take Mozilla’s approach to coming up with conference room names by thinking about the industry that you’re in. Start with high level themes from your industry and write down a handful of ideas. Then take those ideas and start breaking them down into more specific ideas. Continue to do this until you have come up with a theme and ideas about your industry that you’re excited about.

For example, NASA could start with space themed ideas. That could include constellations, planets, stars, and moons. From there, NASA could break down these themes into specific ideas like Saturn, Ursa Major, and Phobos. None of these names are specific to NASA, but clearly align with the industry that NASA is in.

If you’re struggling to come up with company specific ideas for your conference room names, turn to your industry and open up your possibilities.


The embattled New York startup first gained traction for its location check-ins and the badges that users could earn based on these check-ins. Users were incentivized to check into their favorite locations, repeatedly, because each check-in might bring a new badge for the trophy case. The excitement around these badges kept Foursquare users active and were a huge part of the company’s early success.

With so much creative thought put into these badges, it makes sense that the team at Foursquare named their conference rooms after these popular badges.  Some examples include:

San Francisco Office

The Great Outdoors (conference room with clear, glass walls)

Gossip Girl (chill room)

9 to 5

Fresh Brew

New York Office

Jet Setter (small exec huddle)

Swarm (the big conference room)

Don’t Stop Believin’ (room with couches)

Far Far Away

Foursquare used  the approach of taking things people love about their company and applying them to their conference rooms. As you can tell, they tried to connect the different badges with the essence of the particular conference room. Even if you’re unaware of all the badges Foursquare offers, you might understand why the Great Outdoors is the conference room with the great views of the outdoors.

Are there terms about your product, company, and industry that customers and outsiders closely associate with you? Come up with a list of product characteristics, industry buzzwords, and awards related to your company. Take this list of ideas and determine if any of them align with the characteristics of the conference rooms like Foursquare did. Now you’ll have relevant names that anyone can closely associate with a given conference room.


The file sharing company is a fixture in Silicon Valley and has come a long way since its inception in  CEO Aaron Levie’s USC dorm room. The company has gone through many changes along the way, which included a move from Los Angeles to San Francisco. To commemorate these numerous changes, the team at Box decided to come up with creative conference room names based significant points in the company’s history.

Cuban – Box’s first investor was Mark Cuban. They named a meeting room after him.

Nuthouse – The Box team would go to the same bar nearly every Friday. Therefore the bar got a meeting room named after it.

Berkeley Chocolate Factory – Box CEO, Aaron Levie, started the company in the basement of his uncle’s company, Berkeley Nut Company. Somewhere along the line, the name transformed or was mistaken for Berkeley Chocolate Factory, but the name stuck.

Increo – This room was named after a startup Box acquired in 2009

Boston – For a brief period of time, Box had a small office in Boston. Now defunct, the office lives on as a meeting room.

Box really personalized their conference room names. Outside visitors might not understand the names, but Box employees will. If you’re looking to pay homage to your company’s long journey to success, take a page from Box and come up with conference room names that share a story from your company’s history.

As you’re recalling your company’s history, start with specific people, events, office locations, product launches, and fun company culture facts. What stands out as really important?

The acquisition of Increo might not have brought Box a ton of press headlines, since it was a fairly unknown company at the time. But an acquisition of another company is a significant milestone in company history. Does your company have moments you’re especially proud of? Write these down and choose which ones best fit your conference rooms.


The micro-blogging site, owned by Yahoo, is headquartered in New York City. As a tribute to the history of the city that houses the popular site, the company named its conference rooms after famous buildings in New York City.

Famous NYC Buildings

Carnegie Room

Flatiron Room

Orion Room

Names for your company’s conference rooms can come from anywhere. There just has to be some type of connection. Tumblr chose to honor the city it lives in. If you’re stuck on what to name your conference rooms, just look outside and see what ideas your city has to offer.

Cities themselves have many different options for conference room name ideas. Think about the personality of the city you’re in and start to come up with themes. Then fill these in with specific ideas. Tumblr is in New York City and chose the distinct architecture that makes the city unique. Los Angeles is closely associated with movies, New Orleans has jazz. Companies in these cities could name conference rooms after movie titles, actors, jazz musicians, or album names. Pinpoint your city’s personality and come up with a list of conference room names based on this theme.


The team at Mashery are big fans of the 1987 movie, The Princess Bride. Therefore, the team named their conference rooms after their favorite characters in the movie. Can you guess the name of the largest conference room? It’s named after Andre the Giant’s character Fezzik.

The Princess Bride Characters






Sometimes the names of your conference rooms don’t make a whole lot sense, but they can make everyone feel happy. If I were naming conference rooms after something that made me happy, I’d use the different characters and episodes in the Star Trek. Who wouldn’t want to have a meeting in “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra” ?

If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head (like a movie that everyone in the office follows), survey your team and determine if there is anything that the company loves. It doesn’t have to be related to your product, city, history, and industry. Just something that makes your team really happy when they discuss it. Naming your conference rooms can be as simple as that, just like Mashery did with The Princess Bride.

Coming up with a creative name isn’t always an easy task. But there are plenty of creative conference room names for everyone. Use these examples of conference room names and themes next time when you’re brainstorm names for your office’s conference rooms.

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