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Creative Meeting Room Names

Names bring up images of feelings we want to remember. They inspire us, they give us hope, creativity, and joy. They sometimes even make us laugh. This is why creative meeting room names are so important. These names set the scene and the tone for your business and your meetings. If you’re finding it difficult to come up with some creative names, check out a few ideas below.

Vocabulary Relating to Your Craft

These creative meeting room names depend on your business. Say you’re in the movie business; you could name meeting rooms after famous movie titles, songs from movies, equipment, techniques, or other industry jargon. If you’re in the music industry, you could name your meeting rooms something like treble clef, the next bar, movement number two or one beat of silence. Are there any vocabulary words that are specific to your industry that you could use?

Famous Neighborhoods and Streets

You can pay homage to your company’s home city by naming meeting rooms after well-known places. A company based in New York City could name all their conference rooms after neighborhoods, like Times Square, Harlem, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side or the Flatiron. Or, you could go with boroughs, famous streets (Bleecker Street?), landmarks or bodies of water. Your company doesn’t even need to be based in the city your meeting rooms take their names from. If your business’s name is Windy City Accounting (and you’re based in Phoenix), you could still draw inspiration from Chicago.

Movies and Books

How about naming meeting rooms after your favorite actors, movies, books, or authors? You could name meeting rooms after different genres, like classic, comedy or drama. Are there any movies, books, or writers who have had a big impact on your company or industry? If so, these could be a great inspiration. You can even decorate each meeting room to reflect the name of the room. Hang classics like  “Miracle on 34th Street” and “North by Northwest” posters in the classic room for example. Or vintage images of Apple computer products in the “Steve Jobs” room.

Minorities, Women, and Immigrants

Is your business or industry greatly impacted by minorities, women, or immigrants? If so, are there important people who inspire you? A female-centric business could choose strong and famous women, like Louisa Mae Alcott, Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Susan B. Anthony. If your business is ethnocentric (think BET) you could choose people of a race or ethnicity who inspire you. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Faith Ringgold and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. could all have a place in your office.

High-End Products and Low-End Products

If your company is known for being extremely high end, your creative meeting room names could be inspired by high-end products to remind your employees of your status. Champagne, caviar, gold, or diamond can all remind everyone your high-end status. You could also choose brand names, like Maybach, Vueve, Henri Bendel or Louis Vuitton. Similarly, you can name your rooms after low-end items, too. If you work for a company that sells gadgets, you could name your rooms after them like drones, fidgets, or fitbit.


You could opt to keep it simple instead. Name your rooms after animals that embody the feel of your company. You could go with the jaguar room, the spider room, the wolf room or the stag room. You could even get creative with the décor and hang posters to reflect each room’s animal spirit. Animals can also make your employees feel comfortable. Cuddly animals, like cats, dogs and woodland animals, can give your employees joy or happiness. How about mythical animals? Nobody said these rooms have to be named after real world animals. Though maybe stay away from the endangered and extinct animals.

Fun Names

You could get casual with your names. Give your meeting rooms names, like Plan B, the Bar, the Shack, the Bookshop or the Coffee Shop. That way, when your employees spread the news about the meeting, they’ll be saying, “Meet me at the Coffee Shop.” Or, you could name a meeting room “I Can’t Remember”, so employees will sound like they don’t know where the meeting is taking place. These options would probably work best at company’ known for a relaxed work environment or humor magazines. Also run everything past your HR department before making final decision.

Company and Industry Founders

Your company’s founders can be a great source of inspiration. Remind everyone of their roots by naming meeting rooms after the people who started your company.  Offer a company competition with the winner getting a room named after them.  Or, just remind everyone of the people who started your industry by naming meeting rooms after your industry’s leaders. For example, if you work in the tech industry, you could name your rooms after Musk or Gates.

Avoid These Names

Avoid making massive mistakes by avoiding a few different types of names for your meeting rooms. Though the idea of rotating names is interesting (changing the names every few weeks or months), this could get very confusing very fast. Also try to avoid topics that have nothing to do with your industry or interest. Try to avoid topics that could get controversial or political in nature, anything that could alienate and make a member of the team potentially feel uncomfortable.  It’s not a bad idea to run your ideas past a senior decision maker first to ensure they won’t offend or break company policy.

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