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The Best Meeting Room Booking Systems

Scheduling a meeting is an active routine at a workplace, which can be time-consuming and harder without an efficient reservation system. Many companies have been replacing error-prone, manual booking methods with a meeting room reservation system. This can help in streamlining the meeting scheduling process effortlessly, allowing the staff to finish meeting arrangements proficiently.

Switching from Manual to Reservation System

Meeting organizers engage in planning meetings at a specific place and time, communicating the plan of action promptly with the group of people and interacting back and forth with people through phone or email. Once everyone approves and agrees to meet on time, finding a meeting room with audio-visual equipment, and other required services are the main challenging tasks for the meeting organizers. Even after arranging everything properly, meeting planners may think of spending too much time in the meeting. All these can be easily sorted using a sophisticated Meeting Room Reservation System. It allows the organizers to have better control over meeting planning by eliminating any difficulties that were faced via manual implementation.

Challenges to Meeting Reservation Process

Meetings have become an essential part of every business organizations, implementing as an everyday activity. Factors such as time scheduling, arranging a place, communicating with the parties and putting the needed discussions in place have been the major challenging tasks for the task/event managers. It has been estimated spending 4.75 hours of manual work on and organizing an average of 9 meetings. This eventually hinders the business structural growth, because the more a company has meeting facilities, more would cost the energy and real estate bills.

The paper-based booking process, use of outdated tools and spreadsheets have become traditional ways of arranging meetings. The manual process mainly includes phone calls, posting notes, dropping emails and, continuous back and forth interaction, which indeed kills plenty of time. The emerging market trends have come up with a wide range of meeting booking system software applications like Roomzilla, MS Outlook, Rendezvous, and RAVEN, which makes it flexible to come up with a planned and scheduled meeting.

Without possessing a cohesive and centralized system; making a quick overview of meeting essentials, spacing out meeting rooms, coordinating the organizers and attendees might end with a depraved note. This can lead to the damage of both employee self-esteem and the client’s perception. Embracing an updated Meeting Booking System would help to overcome all these challenges and aids to handle any changes or cancellations to meetings automatically.

How does Meeting Reservation System Help?

Implementing the use of a sophisticated piece of meeting reservation system helps in minimizing the management and administration costs. Along with reducing the manual errors, it helps in reserving proper rooms providing customization options to update with upselling services. The entire information about meeting rooms resides in the booking system, which can be modified and updated consistently in real-time. Providing timely up-to-date information and access to the same to employees in a centralized location reduces multiple booking and other errors to occur.


Meeting Room Booking Systems

You can easily access a booking system software through the web and on smartphones. The emerging market trends has a wide impact on the meeting room booking processes. This has encouraged many business companies to adopt and adhere to advanced meeting booking systems, including environmental sustainability, workforce mobility, digital signature, visitor/guest-user management, and mobile technology. Any organizations irrespective of their business goals can proficiently stand as a whole to benefit using a room booking system. A Meeting Room Booking System removes all the friction from the employees’ side by displaying the plan of meeting arrangements. A reflective booking system always helps in minimizing management and administration costs via structured meeting coordination.

Using the office space rightly and management plays a vital impact on the overall growth and performance of an organization. Firm financial management can be achieved when a business has a properly planned meeting scheduled among all the groups of the company. A maximized Return of Investment (ROI) and productivity is guaranteed with the adaption and implementation of right Meeting Booking System Software.


Meeting room booking system apps



Easy to fit-in and implement. Roomzilla offers the most expedient booking system to manage office spaces including conference rooms as well. A powerful cloud-based booking system with Google and Outlook Calendar integration; Roomzilla is accessible from any devices – Microsoft surface, Android tablets or iPads. Endure this competent meeting room booking system, which fits all your needs, right from scheduling meeting rooms to esteemed real estate management. It also offers 14-day no-string-attached free trial for clients to play around with the application however they want.


MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Calendar allows an organised way to book conference rooms for meetings and track timely information proficiently. Makes it easier to coordinate meeting plans and schedules among the staff with trusted security. Outlook works great for managing emails, tasks, contacts, and calendar and monitor all meeting arrangements together in one place. MS Outlook integration lets the meeting organizers share information via attachments, accessible from OneDrive.



Transforming all meeting room needs into an actionable solution. Rendezvous helps to manage meeting room booking with catering and equipment services as well. Integrating smart sensor technology, it allows organizers to deliver real-time data to the group across multiple platforms. Connects people to the workplace with its digital signage, MS Outlook and Exchange features.



An ideal management system for wide-range room booking requirements. A great intuitive app that even allows small office spaces for rent. Provides choicest allocation process for companies to rent rooms for team meetings, client meetings, collaboration on large projects, and HD video conferencing. Raven’s integrated mobile communication and simplified bundled price model attracts its customers, turning them into esteemed ones.


PlatPlay Room Planner

A hassle-free search-based system that ends companies’ meeting rooms booking hitches. Its centralised booking system allows users to manage and take control over meeting rooms prolifically. PlatPlay Room Planner integrates web-based user interface, allowing users to access over any network and platform. Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) allows automatic access to all users’ information for collaborative interaction and a single sign-on feature to take control of the information.


Meeting Room App

MeetingRoomApp embraces smart technology for efficient utilisation of office spaces. Provides three choicest product variations: Mini, Cloud, and On-Premise, best suitable to entire business requirements. A meeting room booking system that streamlines catering, cleaning and equipment services. Accessible on multiple platforms, Meeting Room App endows expertise booking features G- Suite (Google Apps), Microsoft Exchange integration, and Dashboard reporting compatible with any professional hardware (Android, iOS or other web platforms).


Get a Room

A single view office space booking platform that inherits meeting room digital signage, compatible with any hardware platform. Get a Room offers customised conference room booking with no conflicts for any sized companies. You can start a free trial and experience good services for intuitive room allocation, inclusive with all other services. Social media integration allows easy accessibility with a single sign-in across multiple devices.



An efficient meeting room management system that focuses on less planning, time management and comprehensive search for meeting room across different locations and time zones. Allows easy access to exchange and update information via its integrated MS Outlook calendar system and Office 365. Manage scheduling meeting rooms as well as catering and equipment booking services from Outlook with ease. AskCody’s cohesive features with Office 365 aids in improving productivity and operational efficiency of a company.


Condeco Meeting Room Booking

A pioneering room booking system platform that integrates cloud-based room scheduling with seamless workplace booking features. Allows you to get the things done right and make the office spaces work harder through Condeco’s in-built suite of meeting room booking solutions. Allows users to find meeting spaces, conference hall, and workspaces that fit their requirements agilely. An improved workspace experience has already witnessed from its clients, where Condeco believes in delivering esteemed services meeting all room reservation needs through innovative research and development.


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