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What is Room Scheduling Software?

What’s room scheduling software?

Room scheduling software is developed to ease the process of booking conference rooms or meeting rooms in offices and particularly shared workplaces. The basic purpose is to maintain a centralised and accessible database for all management and employers of an office. This database contains all the information about the conference rooms, meeting places and rooms available such as the total number of rooms available, the current status of these rooms (vacant or occupied) at any given instant, the booked and available slots for the future use.

There are many software’s available in the market (both free and paid) that can be employed by the office managers and administration to ensure that the coordinators and participants of the meeting have the required space available and can also keep an accurate check on the usage of organisation’s assets. Room scheduling software introduces structure in a workplace and ensures uninterrupted workflow. Basic level room management system can be deployed in an office environment on their own or can be integrated with extra hardware to increase productivity such as screens displayed outside conference and meeting rooms showing their current and future uses.

Why is Room Scheduling Software Important?

They are primarily used for booking spaces to carry out team meetings, scrums, client calls, one-on-one sessions, and team discussions and in some cases used for booking specially designated areas.

Room scheduling software as explained above introduces structure and format in a workplace and ensures that no hindrance comes in the course of work. It avoids clashes and unfortunate events (no meeting room available or double bookings overlapping each other) by maintaining a real-time and up-to-date room availability schedule. Some of the key reasons why room reservation software is an integral part of an office are described below:

  • It introduces efficiency in the workplace.
  • Helps avoiding unavailability of meeting rooms in critical times especially in a shared office/workplace.
  • It ensures rooms remain available in times of urgency and special requirements.
  • Most room scheduling software’s come integrated with calendars, which offer a detailed view to the organizers and attendees of a meeting to manage their schedule accordingly.
  • The use of calendars also gives an insight to the organizers about what will be the most suitable time for the meeting to be scheduled i.e. when will be the participants available.
  • Office managers can review the usage of resources, can enable only authorized users to book rooms and keeps a track of office meetings, durations, and information.



Roomzilla is one such room scheduling software that can be employed in an office/workplace to book meeting and conference rooms. Roomzilla is extremely easy to use room management system that increases the efficiency and capability of an office by quickly merging in the office environment and making a room booking a seamless and flawless procedure. It also offers 14-day no-string-attached free trial for all users.

How is Roomzilla Used?

Roomzilla is a room scheduling software that employs cloud computing. It works in the following way:

  • It can work on any device and operating system. It can be easily combined with the calendar application of Google and Outlook.
  • The basic functionality is achieved by using the Roomzilla tools in association with any website and it provides on-location device displays to offer active, real-time and accurate room availability information and reservation features.
  • It is extremely lightweight and beneficial room scheduling software that can be used to book slots.


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