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Best Calendar Scheduling Apps for Your Smart Phone Guide

Smartphones help us to organize every activity of our lives and a mobile calendar app aids you to accomplish this enviably. Every mobile today comes with in-built calendars that helps to keep track of appointments, vacations, birthdays and more. But, if you are searching for a bit more pizazz, there are great third-party calendar scheduling apps for iOS and Android that will helps organizations to meet business goals.

A good calendar in-handy to your smartphone helps you to notified with upcoming events and appointments, whether personal or work related. Many calendar apps provide excellent features right from managing social features to event management via customizable and easy-to-view modes.

Now, you must be wondering how does a mobile calendar app helps in scheduling productive meetings within an organization. Not only the calendar apps keep you posting about the upcoming meetings, but also creates a great difference to your time management. A mobile calendar schedule app lets you to get more work done collaboratively and a best calendar app installed on your smartphone do a great job in presenting effective scheduling for the day.

This Article shall help you to know what are the top calendar apps supporting iOS and Android softwares that greatly works for scheduling your meetings from anywhere. Before getting into this, let us have a quick glance on what exactly makes a calendar app work great for your smart phone.


No individual desires to spend long hours in calendar configuration or to list their events and reminders. An intuitive calendar app makes it easy to learn and maintain effortlessly.


Keen sleek design

A good design not only means to look attractive with multitude icons and colors, rather it is to have good functional features. A calendar app should be designed keeping the purpose in mind, where everything should flow smoothly from the intended purpose.


Customizable view

One should be capable of managing the app in the way they desire; may it is related to personal or professional life schedule. A sleek design packed with customizable features makes a great calendar app that fits to every user’s style.


Share effortlessly

Unlike the old giant calendars, an iPhone app integrated with customizable features allows consistent alerts, reminders and notifications. You can no way miss out your schedule with an excellent calendar app for iOS/Android.


Map Integration

When you are the key person to a meeting, being on time is most important than any other work in and around. The best calendar app always comes with a map integration that helps you to keep a track of the traffic and travel time.

Now, we have known what makes a calendar app work great for the smart phones; it will be easier to make the choicest app with us to schedule the day reliably and make it flow smoothly. So, lets quickly move on to the next points, focusing on the top calendar apps fits with iOS and android.


Top 10 calendar apps for iPhone and their features


Fantastical 2

One of the best-known calendar apps for iPhone mobiles. Its smart, flexible and expedient features allow the users to understand and use Fantastical 2 to their busy lives.

  • It uses natural language to effortlessly create events and reminders. Allows to set time as well as geofence alerts with your reminders.
  • It comes with map integration and works greatly with Google, Exchange, iCloud, Office 365 and more.


Apple’s Calendar

Apple’s Calendar allows you to manage all your scheduled tasks like never before. This comes with every iOS as an official calendar with all the up-to-date features of Apple.

  • It aids in tracking your events, schedules and appointments along with a quick view of any upcoming activities. Also, it allows the calendars to share with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • You can view and manage more than one calendar at same time and recognize any schedule conflicts before or during the events.


Google Calendar

Google Calendar also is a very smart, useful and innovative calendar app. It is the best free calendar app that works great for iPhone.

  • helps in organizing your plans and events, where you can easily view as well as edit tasks on the go.
  • allows to sync your schedules across multiple devices and platforms, where you could be able to toggle from daily to monthly view.



Outlook is an amazing calendar app for iPhone. It enables you to become more organized, connected and productive with your schedules. Outlook brings all your emails, plans, and calendars to one general spot.

  • Through a single-tap, you can exchange information like meeting details, your availability and manage time efficicienlty. You can easily track your contact lists and any upcoming trips using Outlook.
  • The smart inbox allows to know important messages, and accordingly you can respond on priority basis. You can directly download any file directly from your email to your phone.


Calendars 5

A perfect calendar app that works smartly and proficiently for managing tasks and events. It runs greatly on any iOS supporting device.

  • A natural language input system and flexible task manager that allows to organize everything smoothly.
  • User-friendly interface makes it work simple to overview next upcoming tasks and events. The app also allows you to create, edit and remove any task offline or online.


Week Calendar

This calendar has a nice look and feel, allowing you to view from a single screen. It is specifically designed for users who goes through a hectic schedule.

  • It allows to see different views to your tasks (weekly list, agenda, monthly tasks, etc.)
  • You can see all events for the week in a single glance, where you can also quickly add any events via tap and hold.



One of the best calendar apps for iPhone. Cal comes with a smart, fast and amazing user-interface.

  • Allows to create events easily as Cal identifies whom you want to assign in a meeting and where you want to arrange the meeting.
  • You can create your daily plans and find places where you want to go.


Tiny Calendar

A smart calendar app for both iOS and Google.

  • It has easy drag and drop, natural input language, and smart gestures to help creating events by predicting your intentions.
  • Engrosses eight standard views (day, week, month, mini-month, year, and weekly agenda).
  • It syncs with Google Calendar and also iOS local calendar to create events on Exchange, iCloud and other calendars.



Horizon is an amazing calendar app that helps to manage and plant out any future activities with out any issues.

  • Uses natural language for creating your events and tasks. It helps you with any schedule changes via alerts and reminders.
  • It shows traffic information and also the weather panel provides with accurate weather forecast to plan events accordingly.



A great collaborative calendar app with good user-interface. You can also select a color schema for the calendar through its sleek design features.

  • It helps for group scheduling, where you can view all the events on every single day of the week without interfering into others days.
  • The toggle saves events without a date, where it allows others to comment inside the app on whether the time and day works fine for everyone.


Top 10 calendar apps for Android and their features


Google Calendar

A pre-installed best overall app available on most Android devices comes with eminent features.

  • It provides sync options for schedules and events from your Google account.
  • It allows to view with different modes (daily, weekly, and monthly) and also has map integration that allows to redirect your events’ location.


Microsoft Outlook

This calendar app works as best for email integration.

  • It combines all your emails, tasks, calendar and others into a single place.
  • It also integrates the Sunrise Calendar, a Microsoft acquired app, where the notifications and events are designated to different icons.



It provides a fresh look and feel than a plain calendar look.

  • SolCalendar helps to manage time effectively and so known to be a life time management tool.
  • It offers weather forecasts, supports Google Map integration, and also syncs with other calendars.



A leading contender among the other calendar apps like Jorte and Cal, aCalendar comes with amazing calendar widgets for your Android device.

  • It is useful to power users, which allows to organize the tasks more effectively through small monthly calendar.
  • It also sync’s photos from your phone’s address book and has NFC sharing feature to quickly disseminate information among large focused groups.


Cal – Google Calendar + Widget

A unique and prevailing calendar app in the market that comes with an ease-of-use design flow.

  • It supports with the existing Google Calendar, predictions, widget predication, and much more.
  • One can make excellent use of two apps at once, where this app is free to use with no in-app purchases.



Jorte is another free customizable calendar app with multiple options to be paired with personal touch to bring finer integration.

  • It has weekly and monthly view columns and offer cloud support.
  • Also, the app syncs with Google Calendar and has a voice control option.


Today Calendar

A donning calendar app, which is free for your Android phone.

  • The app has a sleek material design with bold and vibrant colors.
  • It has simple navigation system with prevailing features.



DigiCal offers with a wide suite of usable features. It comes with an amazing user-interface design and known to be an essential calendar app in the Google Play Store.

It has a built-in search option to time and location.

The app is a great daily planner, which has Global weather forecasts and syncing feature with Outlook, Exchange, and Google Calendar.



Known as a robust piece among other calendar apps, Calengoo provides friendly integration.

  • The app syncs with Google Calendar, stock calendar on Android with large number of customizable options.
  • It provides consistent weather forecasts and recurring events around.



Informant has productive tools including contact, calendar notes, and tasks via single app interface.

  • The app has multiple views with ICS support that users can enjoy.
  • It has a natural language system with time zone management, and weather forecast integration.