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Integration with Roomzilla

There are many ways to integrate your office tools with Roomzilla. Integrations helps you streamline the processes without worrying about additional overheads associated on-boarding new software. We have prepared a short description and guidances on Roomzilla integration – read on to learn more.

What’s an API?

API is an Application Programming Interface. It acts as a tool for the programmers for creating softwares. As a result, without APIs the digital world that we are experiencing as consumers would not have been possible. APIs today are doing everything. From driving marketing campaigns to connecting smart phone apps to reorganize internal operations. Many businesses now have started investing in integrating API to pay large dividends.

Today, even windows consist of huge set of APIs to allow users to use while working with any user interface. There is no more required to rebuild commands, forms and scroll-bars. All these actions can be accessible through various APIs by brining into your program. The digitalized era has made everything talk automatically with API integration. APIs have seamless business opportunities that allows applications or devices connect and communication.

In today’s modern technology world, you can see APIs for desktops, laptops, iPads and mobile devices. With explosion to advance mobile device softwares like Androids, Microsoft and iOS; plenty of mobile-ready APIs have emerged exponentially. But, Google Calendar’s API is quite different from another remote server’s API.

The integration of API has been evolving for booking meeting rooms by many companies to use their workspace efficiently. Now, let us have a look on how Roomzilla works to integrate your existing calendar system with Google and Office 365 Calendar. Roomzilla aims at making your workplace run efficiently by using your workspace.

Google Calendar Integration

Roomzilla not only provides the integration process, but also key details on how it works for Google Calendar Integration. We provide a two-way integration with Google Calendar. This allows you to reserve meeting rooms right from your Google Calendars. To access with this API Interaction, you need use Google Apps for work and get admin access. Google Calendar Integration Process by Roomzilla follows the below steps:

  • Logging into your Google mail (Gmail) account and then selecting Google Apps button.
  • You can view the Admin button on the Google Apps, which tells that you got the admin access.
  • Then, go to the Apps option, where you need to select G-Suite as the Calendar option.
  • On the Calendar Page, you can find the ‘Resources’.
  • You can add individual resource, which includes the details for a meeting room booking.
  • To complete the integration process, you must login to your Roomzilla Account as an admin.
  • Then, you need to click on ‘Connect with Google Apps for Work’ Option through which you can connect your Google Account to Roomzilla.

The above mentioned are the simplified steps to make you understand how you can create your Google Calendar with Roomzilla.


Office 365 Integration 

To sync your account with Office 365, Roomzilla provides a two-way integration based on Exchange Online Service. For this, you must either have Office 365 Business Essentials or Office 365 Business Premium. Before starting the process, you must have an admin account for your Outlook 365 domain. To connect Roomzilla into your Office 365 account, you must follow these steps:

  • Go to and then login to your admin account.
  • Click on the Office 365 Admin centre once you are logged-in.
  • Go to ‘Resources’ and then click for Rooms and Equipment.
  • A list of resources will be shown if you have already been configured or else you need to add on +Room icon and fill the fields accordingly.
  • You need to follow the steps on how to connect your Roomzilla account with your Office 365 account.
  • To connect your Office 365 with your Roomzilla account, you need to inform us via email
  • Typing your admin credentials, you must view the ‘integrations’ button saying ‘Integrate with Office 365.
  • With getting Roomzilla’ permission, you can create room booking with provided options to be filled.

The key points discussed in the above has focused on providing basic steps on how Integrating Roomzilla with Google Calendar and Office 365 happens. The basic steps would help the readers to know how Roomzilla works on API Integration to help companies use their workspace more productively.

The main API benefits includes improve time efficiency, saving plenty of efforts with deeper operations visibility, and less human-errors. Google Calendar API integration allows to automatically sync all your events or tasks with providing great workable support. So, Office 365 provides easy collaboration and communication, allows you to work from anywhere via online, and saves time.