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Feature of The Month – Auto-Delete

Now, if you have used scheduling tools such as Roomzilla in the past, you will have experienced the annoyance of rooms being booked up online but physically deserted. This is a huge issue for modern day offices as we all know how our schedules change on an hourly basis, and remembering to cancel your reservation will usually be the last thing you worry about. Other than wasting your space and money, this situation can also have a massive effect on your office morale, as people will have to constantly fight against the disappointment of having nowhere to host their meeting while being surrounded by empty conference rooms.

In the past these issues would have been dealt with manually by having office managers monitoring spaces or even having colleagues report them as they are identified. But these “solutions” only resolve a small part of the problem and without an effective way to deal with them consistently they can cause more and more issues. Even if they are able to identify these missed reservations by the time they are removed from the system most of the time slot would have already been wasted.

Now we’ve looked at the manual solutions I wanted to let you know about our feature of the month. Auto delete offers a complete automated solution to missed reservations meaning every single instance will be dealt with precisely the same. This is why auto delete was chosen as our feature of the month as it is able to offer a complete solution to an issue that has plagued offices forever. So instead of wasting time & money by manually monitoring rooms and trying to communicate your way out of the problem you can just do. Well. Nothing…..

While Roomzilla does the following:

  • Monitor all reservations to ensure they are attended.
  • If nobody has checked in for their reservation, Roomzilla will send an email reminder within a set time after the start time passes asking the host to check in or cancel.
  • If this is not done and the reservation remains not checked in after a predetermined amount of time Roomzilla will cancel the reservations while informing the host and page admin.
  • Your resource will become available online immediately for a fresh booking.

It might initially seem like a drastic step to start removing reservations automatically but you will find after a few weeks, the culture of your office will begin to change. Users will have a better understanding of the consequences of not cancelling their reservations and you will begin to see changes around your space from day one. Of course even with the best technology and features in the world there’s always going to be one person who doesn’t want to change the habit of a lifetime. Now Roomzilla may not be able to push them for you but as an admin gets contacted about all missed reservations you will be able to keep a track of who these are, and contact them directly to find out why it’s happening.

Roomzilla also offers you full flexibility with this feature so you will be able to decide precisely how many minutes after the start time before a reminder email is sent, as well as deciding how long the reservations stay live before being removed from the timeline.

We’re always working hard here at Roomzilla to keep up with the demands of clients and the industry itself.  Great features like auto delete are a testament to that and if you’re in the need for something like it, get in touch; otherwise, check back as we not only develop the platform but our business in general.