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Roomzilla 3.0 – Room Booking, Evolved

In today’s fast moving business world, you must find processes that are streamlined, efficient & easy to replicate – once you do, you’ll still need to maintain the focus on trying to improve and make them even more efficient.

This statement proves no less true when it comes to the Roomzilla’s scheduling system.

Roomzilla has provided its customers with a comprehensive conference room scheduling system for many years.  We spent every day analyzing, understanding and determining what we could do to make our users more satisfied & deliver what they would expect from the best conference room booking software, actually listening to our clients and incorporating features in some cases based on real world requirements.

After all the years of operation and continuing to meet industry expectations both now and in the future, we just deployed the newest version of our platform – Roomzilla 3.0.
We’re really excited to introduce you to the new interface, functionalities, possibilities and tell you how it has changed our customers’ lives.

What makes Roomzilla 3.0 so special:

Search bar for bookings – You can specify the date, meeting duration, capacity, type of the room, amenities needed and – when applied – you will see the rooms available according to your search criteria.

Quick bookings – If you’re in rush, and you need to make a quick reservation, there’s nothing simpler than using this feature. You can now make a reservation with just 2 clicks.

Private meetings – For those who demand privacy, we have delivered the option of a private meeting. Thanks to that, no other user will know who’s attending the meeting.

Different timeline views – In order to have booking timelines crystal clear, we’ve delivered 3 new views for you. In addition to the the daily one, you now have weekly and monthly views also available. On top of that, there’s an agenda view now as well.

Reservations view – you don’t have to search for your reservations among the others anymore, you can now simply switch the all reservation view to yours only.

Floor maps – looking for the perfect room location in your building, but you’re not sure where they are located? From now on, Roomzilla allows customers to upload floor plans, draw the rooms on it, so users can easily locate the room and book it right away.

Secured remotes access – We’ve made another step forward in order to secure your accounts. Now it is necessary to generate a PIN code in your Roomzilla account, which you have to type on your remote in order to finalize the remote set up.

New approval queue functionalities – The admin approval queue took a big step forward in its functionalities. A super admin is now allowed to assign other admins on a room basis, so a reservation request notification is only sent to the relevant person. If the request must be denied, users can now deny the request with a personalized message.  Users when looking for rooms will see which rooms are for regular bookings as well the ones with admin booking approval.

New integration – Roomzilla has a new integration with Google calendar – which now works in real time – so when you make a reservation in Roomzilla, it will appear immediately in your Google calendar when integrated. This feature may not be new to the world, but it was rewritten by our amazing IT team to the point where it works as smoothly & perfectly as possible.

New public access approach – One of the latest features we have finished is a new way of accessing Roomzilla accounts: now you will be able to generate a unique access link, which can be turned on and off anytime you want.  It’s a perfect substitution for sending thousands of invites 🙂

With that being pointed out, we’ve also received initial feedback from our customers such as:

“As a fast-growing company, meeting space has become harder to manage and organize. When we started looking for a room booking system a few years back, we only knew that we needed a customizable, easy to set up solution that could go live in as little time as possible.  For all those years with Roomzilla, we’ve seen many changes to the platform, but the release of the 3.0 is something that deserves an Oscar.  Roomzilla kept the easiness of set up and usage, but has also delivered so many life changing features, that everyone is in love with!”

Such feedback is music to our ears.  It simply motivates us to help other companies solve their challenges/improve their processes with room bookings. If you’re in the process of scouting for a solution like this, creating your trial account won’t take longer than 5 minutes, and will help you save hours within the first few days.

Don’t hesitate, give it a try at