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All throughout the pandemic and even now, we've heard about tools such as video conferencing and how they were now more than ever before critical for the remote based work environment and how their usage increased as well as new

I had just joined the Roomzilla team, ready to take on the world of office space & room management. It was an entirely new industry for me but one that has been growing for over a decade now. Sounds exciting

Our daily routine, office life & businesses were recently flipped upside down.  The current, difficult situation caused by pandemic hasn’t been seen since the early 20th century.We now live in a rapidly changing & developing world, where 3 months ago

The recent period between March and May 2020 has already set an unprecedented footprint on the global economy, stress-tested medical care, social interactions and the way we work. The Covid-19 outbreak redefined many taken-for-granted aspects of our lives and basically

Now, if you have used scheduling tools such as Roomzilla in the past, you will have experienced the annoyance of rooms being booked up online but physically deserted. This is a huge issue for modern day offices as we all

In today's fast moving business world, you must find processes that are streamlined, efficient & easy to replicate - once you do, you’ll still need to maintain the focus on trying to improve and make them even more efficient.This statement