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Bringing that Personal Touch to a Digital World


Adding the Personal Touch into each and every aspect of your business is crucial. From sales to success if every department is able to give the customer the feeling of acceptance, warmth and respect, being able to do so allows you to turn any complaint or problem into a good news story that will last a lifetime in the eyes of that customer.


There are many ways to improve your sales performances by applying the Personal Touch. When dealing with incoming leads, digital companies will tend to rely on automations sending out targeted emails for them, which can be seen as effective when you are dealing with a larger amount; however, while this can create an impact when dealing in bulk, having the ability to “cherry pick” hot leads using performance tracking software can lead to much higher conversion rates. Not only that but everything you learn about your customer can and should be used to personalize their journey throughout.

“CX also influences on-the-spot purchasing, too – as 49% of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalized experience”

But, in order for your customers to like you, you need to get to know them, and then use this knowledge to deliver personalized experiences across the entire customer journey.

First Points of Personal Interaction

For Software services, a great way to start that first point of Personal Contact can be with the utilization of tools designed to create phone calls/meetings with your customers. Calendly used by ourselves is a great way to do this as your lead will have the option to decide when this contact takes place and gives them full control in the scheduling process. This can also be used to get further details on the company with questions on the booking form. Now that a meeting has been booked your sales team can simply reach out to confirm, and ask any follow up questions to continue communication and help them along the way. I usually find when meetings are booked you will tend to deal with their issues before it via email or a phone call.


So how do you go about identifying these leads?

Within your Sales team it’s vital that you are checking each and every lead to firstly identify their business type and then what “Problem” they are trying to solve. Tracking your users application usage can be a great way of finding out what problems they are trying to resolve. But while they look at it from a digital point of view, utilizing tools such as Full Story allows you to watch first hand what the user is trying to do with your app as well as see what areas they are running into trouble. Not only can this be used as a way to reach out to your clients to offer assistance, you can also use this to improve your products performance for future users.

Linking Sales with Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes when leads turn into clients there tends to be that moment of “Great another customer on board, let’s move on to the next one” but this is a vital stage of the client customer relationship. Doing this correctly can lead to a long fruitful relationship but if mishandled the client can begin to lose faith in you. Once that seed of doubt starts to grow, the onboarding process can be more complicated as your client will begin to look for issues to back up their thinking. You should always look to “Keep the good times going” and to do this you have to get to know your customer and make their journey personal.  For all companies:

  • Zoom Meeting – Now Zoom is a fantastic tool that we utilize to speak with our clients on a regular basis, it allows you to share screens and see your client face to face. Utilizing Zoom to handover customers from Sales to Success can be a great way of building a strong early relationship with your success team, and means you can both speak together and meet each other properly.
  • Emails (CC) – Not all customers have the time to arrange a meeting for this stage of the process so why not use a simple introductory email with your Success team CC’d. You can introduce everyone and allow contact to continue without you.

Now carry on that good feeling and keep the relationship going throughout the years. Not only have you already done the leg work of bonding with your client, but you also have the knowledge to keep them with you.  With the close relationship you have built, getting items like testimonials and stories becomes much easier.  With the experience you now have, you can customize this journey for similar companies in the future.