Conference Room Management CAN be Easy [READ HOW]

Conference Room Management CAN be Easy [READ HOW]

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Roomzilla is a tool that’s used around the world, being adopted by companies big and small all trying to achieve harmony. The time revolution is starting and companies have realized how much can be wasted on a daily basis. Let’s be honest, how many times have you found yourself with laptop in hand trying to find a place to work?

Let’s see how this plays out with and without Roomzilla, shall we?

If there’s one constant in life it’s the Monday blues, the moment you realize it’s time to get up, get dressed and head to work. Even if you love your job, you’ll still wake up praying time has fallen into a loop and Sunday is starting again. I have always wondered if there’s an alternative reality where Mondays are the best days and Fridays are the worst… what do you think?

I just want to give you a little insight into how your employees may think, and show you how one change can make a big difference when it comes to productivity. We can all work harder and better without the anxiety of outside interferences getting in your way during work. So let’s jump into how a Monday is to how a Monday could be, shall we?

You have done the hard part. It’s Monday, you have woken up and got yourself to the office. You start the day as you always do, make yourself a coffee and start the usual morning routine. Coffee and laptop in hand – it’s time to begin your great adventure. You start by walking around the ground floor offices, rounding each corner in anticipation. With each passing minute, you start to realize it’s going to be one of those days, where productivity remains a myth. But wait, could it be, the end of the rainbow, the crown jewels, a room fulfilling all your physical needs a table, chair and power outlets? (#Jackpot).

You set yourself down, plug yourself in and begin to dust off those cobwebs.

You start to feel content in your new found kingdom, but still the anxiety builds in the back of your mind knowing any moment someone could knock the door and ruin everything. Just as you start suppressing those thoughts, the anticipated happens, the sound rushes your ears like the Ravens defence. Your world comes crashing down around you knowing the time has come for you to give up your space and start again.

Now, that may sound a little dramatic, but we wouldn’t want you to get bored. Let’s see how things could have played out with a little help from Roomzilla.

Monday morning is here but this week I feel a little bit better, the bosses have adopted a new meeting management system so I can check availability and book my own room without the usual kerfuffle.

I settle down for my morning coffee without the usual anxiety of what’s to come. In fact I almost feel happy, as last night I received my invitation for Roomzilla, meaning I have already booked my rooms for the day. They had said we will have some training on how to use it but no chance I’m going, this is child’s play. What used to take me 20-30 minutes every morning now takes no time at all.

Right then, with coffee and laptop in hand I begin my new morning routine, full of optimism and confidence, knowing whatever happens today this room is mine and nobody will be telling me otherwise. Arriving outside I can already see a welcome sight, my name in big bold letters on the room display showing everyone who’s the boss of this space. I hit ”Check in”, sit down and let the good times roll.

The end of the day has neared, for the first time on a Monday you have that satisfaction of knowing you achieved something today. But just as you think it’s all is over and you can hear your sofa calling you, you get the dreaded phone call. You have rung them seven times today, why do they have to call now? Checking Roomzilla you can see that all rooms are booked out…. With panic setting in you start reverting to old habits you begin charging around the lower floors in hope that something is available. You start to contemplate using the toilets as they have a power outlet and seat. Upon realizing everything is taken, you check the Roomzilla page one last time, one booking is coming up in orange – “what the hell does that mean?” you think to yourself. A quick phone call to your colleague who went to the training tells you that it means someone hasn’t “Checked in” to their meeting. “Bingo”.

Here it is, my new sanctuary, a room summoned by the Gods themselves. You arrive at the abandoned room and can see it has become available on the room display, you hit “Use now”, set yourself down and begin to focus yourself back to the task at hand.

So there you have it, quite simple really. The effect Roomzilla can have on morale is astronomical, no more fighting for rooms, no more fighting for your squatters rights just a one way ticket down easy street.

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