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Conference Room Design Inspiration

Flip through the pages of Dwell Magazine and you’ll find perfectly manicured homes with sleek, modern designs. Page after page with beautiful examples of exquisite homes that get your mind thinking. You admire the use of light, the finely refurbished wood, and the unique use of space each photo offers. Where do they get their room design inspiration you wonder. Taking bits and pieces from each photo, you slowly construct a mental image of your dream home.

This exercise in creativity is entertaining. It stimulates the mind in a creative manner that adults tend to lose with age. While you might not be ready to design your dream home, you could be ready to design your dream office. Within the office are conference rooms that will soon burst with energy and fresh ideas that will propel your company to great heights. You want your conference room design to match the enthusiasm and creativity you envision.

Where to start? What are the important design elements you need to know? How can you design your conference room to maximize productivity? Do you need to worry about what the conference room display will look like right now? These are things you’ll learn as you progress through the design process. But you need a place to start, a jumping point for your own creativity.

Here are 7 conference rooms from respected companies that will inspire you as you start your conference room planning. is a print and design company that specializes in promotional business materials. They’re arguably best known for business cards. The Moo brand is bright and dynamic with a design focus; its conference rooms reflects this culture. You can see in the photo above it’s a sleek and modern meeting room with splashes of color. The conference rooms are named after colors, so you can probably guess the name of conference room pictured.


Litmus is an email testing and email analytics company located in Cambridge, MA. In 2012 Litmus moved into its new, modern office. The conference room offers sweeping views of the city. The natural sunlight allows the team to maintain healthy foliage in the room, providing team members with a quick mental refresh as they enter the room.


Dropbox is commonly known as Silicon Valley unicorn – a company worth over a billion dollars. The meeting rooms at Dropbox are intimate, with round tables, conducive to collaborative meetings. They balance the modern interior design of wood and glass walls, with its fun, startup culture (that includes legos!)


ICRAVE is an innovation and design studio based out of New York City. As they service companies in the hospitality industry, the office must inspire this creative confidence in its potential clients. The conference room of ICRAVE bucks the trend of glass walls with huge wood doors that swivel 360 degrees. This gives the team flexibility to open up the feel of the room or close the doors and give it a more intimate feeling. The kitchen within the conference room is cleverly hidden with a lengthy chalkboard. The creatives can sketch through ideas on the wall and peek behind it for a pick-me-up espresso.





NBBJ is a global architecture firm and was named one of Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Architecture Companies.

The firm has been tasked to design the offices of many top companies, like Reebok and Boeing. To inspire confidence in their abilities, NBBJ’s own office is a beautifully designed, modern masterpiece. Its offices are sleek, with an abundance of glass walls and accents of bright colors in each room. A stroll through the office would make any potential client feel excited.

Google (Budapest)

In every country, Google’s conference rooms are a visual representation of a keyword. The theme is unique to the city the office is located. In the case of the Budapest office, the team followed a Spa theme, due to the more than 500 springs in the capital city. You can see this meeting room has both the modern, technical look you’d expect from Google, along with the unique theme, special to Budapest.


LabCentral is a Cambridge, MA based launchpad for biotech and life-science startups. The team has creatively named all of its conference rooms and telephone booths after stars and planets. Teams can book a meeting in the Saturn or Venus meeting rooms or catch a nap room in the “Moon” room.

M&C Saatchi

When creative agency M&C Saatchi set out to redesign its conference rooms, they wanted to get back to the simplicity of black and white. The new rooms emphasized openness, to promote creativity, communication, and light. Glass walls opened the space up and blackboards facilitated the creative flow of each meeting.


Nissan’s advertising agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day, wanted to build a conference room that paid homage to its client. They were able to keep the functional elements of a creative agency’s conference room, while still giving it the custom flair of a favorite client by mounting a Nissan 240ZX on the ceiling above the conference room table.

AirBnB – Portland

AirBnB is a pioneer in the sharing economy. The room-sharing startup recently opened an office in Portland, OR. AirBnB designed the office to ignite the imagination of its team and represents the different places travelers can go with AirBnB. The room design inspiration comes from listings from their site.

When you’re beginning your journey to designing your ideal conference room, the options are limitless. Your conference room can say so many things about your company. Unleash your creativity and get passed the traditional four walls of a conference room. Think beyond functional tools like your conference room booking software and really imagine your perfect conference room. Use these example conference rooms as inspiration as you design the perfect conference room.

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