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How to Know if You Need Conference Room Booking Software

How do you know if you need conference room booking software? Below, we outlined some of the most common reasons why our customers have said they’ve signed up for Roomzilla. If you’re having any of these issues, maybe it’s time to check out Roomzilla.

Loud Conversations in The Office

Walk around your office and listen. Close your eyes if it helps. What do you hear? Do you hear groups of people collaborating, talking together, maybe huddled around a computer screen? Collaboration is great for the collaborators. But it’s not so great for officemates who are trying to focus. Lots of conversations, especially group conversations, are a distraction at best, and at worst, can even be an invitation to ignore their own work and get into someone else’s work. Often though people are not intending to meet in common areas. They simply and suddenly have a reason to talk and don’t want to go through the process of checking each conference room one by one to see if a room is available.

Conference room scheduling software like Roomzilla usually has a “find rooms available now” feature that narrows down the list to rooms that are available right at that moment. This allows workers to easily find a room where they can go to collaborate.

Disagreements About Conference Room Schedules

Have you ever had a coworker who camped out in a conference room? I have. While it was great for her, her constant room bookings make it harder for the rest of us to reserve space for when we needed it. Ultimately people complained so much that management had to sit down with her and talk about her usage. But, as it turned out, she was reserving the rooms so much because she was on the phone all day following up with leads and closing deals. She didn’t know when leads would call back, and she didn’t want to deal with a noisy office in the background, so she booked the room. It only took us four months of dealing with her schedule to find this out.

If we had conference room booking software like Roomzilla, management could have easily seen that she was reserving a ton of time in the rooms and could have easily and quickly found out why. They would have been able identify her heavy usage of the conference rooms with the usage reports.

Worry Meetings Won’t End On Time

There’s a tax that almost every single office pays. It’s the worry tax. The worry tax is a tax that workers impose on meeting rooms whenever they’re not sure if a coworker’s meeting will end on time. Say you need to start a meeting at 2:00, but you’re not sure if the prior occupant will end their meeting on time. An easy, albeit inefficient, way of solving this is to schedule the room starting at 1:45 pm. When the coworker goes to schedule a meeting, they see that the conference room is only available until 1:45. Maybe they’ll end on time, or maybe they’ll run until 1:50 or even later.

But if you had a conference room scheduling software like Roomzilla, the room occupants would hear an alert in the minutes before their end time, alerting them that their reservation was going to end soon. That would help them be more mindful of wrapping up their meeting on time so that they’re not suddenly surprised when someone is standing outside of the conference room.

“Booked” But Empty Conference Rooms

One of the main drawbacks to using Outlook or Google calendar for booking conference rooms is that if the meeting ends early, most workers rarely open up either program to cancel the remaining time on the reservation. Which is understandable. Who wants to fumble with opening an app when there’s emails to respond to and coffee to go brew? Conference room scheduling software like Roomzilla comes bundled with a digital display outside of each conference room. This digital display shows the information on the current meeting and includes options right on the screen for extending the time of the meeting and also for canceling the meeting. If the room occupants want to end it early, they can simply press the “end meeting” button and instantly that room comes available on for everyone else to use.

Complaints About a Lack of Rooms

“Gah, there’s no rooms available” is a common refrain of every office worker. But when people complain about their inability to get conference rooms, do they tell you how far in advance they’re trying to book? It could be that people are trying to book last minute. Or it could be that they’re planning days or weeks in advance and there’s simply not enough rooms. How can you tell? Well, if you use a conference room scheduling software like Roomzilla, you can. With the automated reporting features, you can see how far in advance people are booking conference rooms, and so can your coworkers. With this information, you can easily see if there genuinely are not enough conference rooms, or if workers are just waiting too long in reserving rooms.

People Don’t Know Which Room to Go To

If I had a nickel for every time I wondered which room the meeting was in, I’d not only be rich, but I’d also be getting rich in the weirdest way possible. I usually have to open up the shared calendar in my computer and hunt through all of the rooms to see which one I’d reserved. But Roomzilla is not only great at reserving rooms, it’s also great at sending out reminders as to which room the meeting is in!