The Nontraditional Office: New Approaches To Employee Productivity, Workspace, and Gadgets – A Roundup

The Nontraditional Office: New Approaches To Employee Productivity, Workspace, and Gadgets – A Roundup

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When you think of the traditional work office, a couple of things come to mind.

Cubicles, desktops with tons of wires tangled, employees sitting aimlessly at their desks typing away.

The GadellNet starts us off with a concise and helpful list – Top 10: Employee Productivity. They describe simple ways for employers to measure the productivity of their employees. These tips may seem a bit obvious, but it’s not that easy to implement them as it sounds.

Two exciting pointers of the list?

Measure tasks and let your employees choose their work location. Traditionally, you measure employees the hour, but these two tips embrace trust. Allowing your employees to work in an environment that is most comfortable to them will facilitate more productivity. How to measure this? Stop looking at how much time they spend at their desk. Instead, measure the work by their actual work output. For business IT support in St. Louis MO, check out GadellNet and follow them on Twitter @GadellNet.

Embracing a nontraditional office also means incorporating fun into the workplace.

Metro Offices describes in depth how to add fun to work in “Have Fun At Work: Let Your Inner Child Out To Play.” Typically one does not think of a playful work environment as a conducive one. Yet creating a fun, exciting workplace motivates employees to be more imaginative with their thoughts and ideas. Creating camaraderie among your employees makes them feel more loyal to the workplace. Which only grows in the success of your business. For more about  coworking space in Washington DC, check out Metro Offices and follow them on Twitter @MetroWorkSpaces.

Of course, it would be almost sacrilegious to talk innovation and breaking tradition if the topic of technology was not brought up. Jenaly Technology Group, Inc., make us excited for their favorites for the new year in 3 New Gadgets For 2016 That You’re Gonna Want. From the newest Zcan mouse, to an expandable display (that actually works) for your laptop, to the first ever wireless mouse that imitate the navigation of a touchscreen, there is a ton of great gadgets for the techie in all of us – Jenaly Tech is full of sweet tips and info that is great; run over to their Twitter @JenalyTech.

A post on All Covered walks us through some highlights of the latest WorkSmart Startup Showcase.

One of the biggest and most relatable issues that many companies have is with presentations during meetings.

From tangled wires, to rooms that are actually not even booked, to the lack of connection from the television to the laptop, anything that could go wrong, usually did. Fortunately with better, more streamlined processes for reserving your meeting room will alleviate any and all of the stress you may have had in the past. Additionally, wireless meeting rooms make sense, rooms are available for booking last-minute, and your meeting with your client goes by hassle free! Read more on this and IT support services, check out All Covered and follow them on Twitter @allcovered.

Konica Minolta is the bearer of the information found from the post on All Covered, as they are gurus on key factors for success in organizations such as IT, ISOM, cloud services, and content solutions. They promise to help businesses run more efficiently and deliver on that promise on the post Welcome to the Office of the Future. Often, better technology makes traditionalists shy away – is this new technology replacing human labor? Is mankind slowing down in evolution to technology? The short answer: no. New products are not intended to supersede their human creators. But rather place them in a better position to complete less menial tasks. For business solutions and workflow software, check out Konica Minolta and follow them on Twitter @KonicaMinoltaUS.

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