The Best Ideas for Conference Room Names

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The Best Ideas for Conference Room Names

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Facebook has pioneered many things, as we all know. But one of our favorite ideas from the Zuckerberg team is the way they have come up with their conference room names. Where else can you hear, “Don’t forget about the team meeting in ten minutes in Five Minutes” or “Have you seen Zoey? She’s in Fighting Chuck Norris.” The recent trend toward more open and collaborative office spaces means more opportunities to make a statement by naming your meeting spaces. Maybe it’s time for your team to book a reservation in King’s Landing.

Why do we like to name things? For centuries we’ve named inanimate objects like ships, cars and machines. The Atlantic suggests it’s a way for us to relate to, exert control over, and ultimately trust the things we build to make our jobs easier. Depending on how you feel about meetings, that could apply to conference rooms as well. Naming not only asserts our ownership of things, but also expresses our own individuality. Today, our startup names, our email addresses, and the domain names we choose all say something to the world about our personalities.

It may seem like a small thing, but getting creative with the names of your shared spaces can improve the way you book meeting space, improve worker morale and participation, and reflect the humorous side of your company’s brand.

Get organized

It’s hard to ignore the recent shift in office culture toward an emphasis on flexibility, health, and collaboration. This also means a shift away from individual offices and One Big Conference Room and toward open floor plans and many smaller meeting spaces, which are shared by many teams and sometimes even between companies. How can we keep them all straight? Names, of course! This could also make conference room booking a little easier. It’s easy to forget a number, but not so easy to forget Mordor.

Keep Your Employees Happy

Naming conference rooms in a relevant and clever way can enhance personal associations with the company and even promote happiness among employees, especially if workers are able to submit suggestions and vote on their favorites.

Show your Style

Names are a reflection on your company’s culture and personality, according to HighFive. As the physical symbol of teamwork and shared ideas, the conference room names are an extension of your brand and mission.

Lighten Up

Naming your boardroom something witty and irreverent encourages creativity and humor in your employees. If you’ll be using a space all the time, why not make it a source of smiles among your team?

As you begin brainstorming, make sure your meeting space names have a unified theme, reflect your company’s identity and brand, and have a sense of humor or meaning to your colleagues. There are many great examples beside Facebook: Instagram uses Game of Thrones names, BuzzFeed likes acronyms like OMG and WTF, and Atlassian references nerdcore movies and literature. If you need a little help, DAVINCI has a nearly inexhaustible list of suggestions here. Dragon Innovation takes a rather irreverent approach to naming rooms, with names like “”This One”, “That One”, and “The Other One”. Also, if you have multiple floors or buildings, consider picking one theme per floor or building. This creates a cohesive design experience for your people.

Finding new names for your meeting spaces can be a great community activity within your company, and will strengthen your brand while encouraging humor and creativity among your team. After all, who wouldn’t want to go to a 9am meeting in The Batcave?

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