Comic Book Characters That Probably Needed a Meeting Room Booking System

Comic Book Characters That Probably Needed a Meeting Room Booking System

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Hollywood is obsessed with comic book heros. Audiences around the globe have been treated to the likes of popular superheros like Superman and Spiderman. But with the exploding popularity we’re also seeing movies based on superheros usually reserved for only the most die-hard comic book fan.

As we’re exposed to more characters and storylines, we get to see what regular life is like for our favorite super heros. Even superheros have to eat, so who are the characters in these stories that very likely would need to use a conference reservation system if they did in fact, exist in real-life?

J Jonah Jameson – Editor (Spiderman)

Perhaps, you don’t know him by name, but audiences know J Jonah Jameson as the loud-mouthed editor of the Daily Bugle in Spiderman. While he has a distinct look with his small mustache, flattop hair, and always lit cigar, it’s his loud and obnoxious behavior that people remember.

In between his meetings with Peter Parker and low-balling him on his one-of-a-kind photos of Spiderman, he’s busy running the Daily Bugle. Given the size of the Daily Bugle, it would make sense that he set up a meeting room booking system to keep everyone on the same page. Alas, J Jonah Jameson is the boss and has never shown that the cares about anyone else. He does what he wants. If he wants to berate his journalists in a conference room, he’ll probably just march in a take it from you.

Tony Stark – Chairman Stark Industries (Iron Man)

Tony Stark is the former CEO and current Chairman of Stark Industries; which holds a market cap of $20.3 billion. The loud and arrogant executive can do whatever he wants. Partly due to the fact his father started the company, but more in part because he’s Iron Man.

With so many government contracts as part of its customer base, it’s easy to assume that meetings occupy the great majority of time for Stark Industries employees. Corporations and governments love meetings and have to go over every, single detail of a defense project.

Would the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist actually take into consideration the time of others on his team and use a meeting room booking system? Probably not. Instead, he’d go where he’d please and let everyone else fend for themselves. Which is ashame because he might have the greatest meeting room booking system on Earth, Jarvis.

Professor X – Headmaster Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (X-Men)  

The telepathic headmaster of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is known for his cleanly shaven head and one-of-kind wheelchair. But running a private school for the gifted is no easy feat, especially when those gifts aren’t necessarily college-level math skills.

While Professor X’s student body possess a wide range of mutant abilities and runs on a school schedule, it seems unlikely there is any need for a meeting room booking system.

Like any other school, after class activities re-use classroom space. Some rooms, like the band room, are better suited for some clubs and activities, than the library. Since everyone at the school doesn’t have telepathic abilities, it makes sense that Professor X install a proper room reservation system.

In addition to making these clubs run smoothly, it would also help students assimilate into the real-world where many of their future employers will have such software in place.

Bruce Banner – Nuclear Physicist (Incredible Hulk)  

One would imagine that Dr. Bruce Banner would be the type of guy to adhere to his employer’s meeting room booking system. He’s smart, reserved, and polite. He works at a U.S. Department of Defense research facility in New Mexico, so there are bound to be some meetings requiring his attendance. But there’s a reason why he doesn’t. Deep down he’s the Hulk.

The last thing Bruce Banner wants to do is agitate the Hulk and give him reason to come out. Endless meetings with the DoD could have that effect. Especially if the normally reserved Bruce Banner gets peppered with annoying questions from clueless DoD talking heads.

Bruce Banner’s best defense against himself is to stay away from everyone. He’d much rather work alone, accompanied by his own silence. Therefore, Bruce Banner isn’t a likely candidate to use a conference room reservation system, even though he should.

Steve Rogers – Soldier (Captain America)

Steve Rogers is the man behind the shield. Also known as Captain America when he dons his sleek red, white, and blue suit. It’s hard to image Steve Rogers actually using a meeting room booking system. Not because he wasn’t required to be in meetings, I’m sure the Army has plenty of meetings for him to sit through. But rather, he has no idea how to use an iPad.

Having been frozen solid for decades, Steve Rogers missed years of technological transformation. Telephones were large devices strapped to a wall in his day. Now he has to deal with telephones that have computers and MP3 players in them too? He doesn’t even know what a computer is.

To expect Captain America to deal with meeting room software is as far fetched as him breaking the law. He doesn’t have time for that, he has justice to uphold.

Don’t worry. Your favorite Hollywood blockbuster isn’t likely to include the nuances of meeting room software next summer. But it’s fun to speculate which fictional characters might actually get use from such software at their day job. Who else do you think would use a meeting room booking system when they’re not fighting crime?

Featured Image Courtesy of Avengers Screenshot

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