QR code on tablet display setup

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QR code on tablet display setup

Displaying a QR code on your remote devices (tablets) facilitates a hygienic booking process and ensures non-anonymous reservations.

Furthermore, after scanning the QR code, users can swiftly access the mobile version of Roomzilla to check the availability of other resources, view future reservations, access maps, and more.

Discover the available options for presenting a QR code on your connected tablets and learn how to implement a host assignment for Local Reservations in designated rooms.

Setting up QR code on tablet display

1. Begin by navigating to the “Settings” tab [1] and selecting “Additional” [2].

2. Here, you will find the configuration options for the QR tablet display setup [3]:

[A] Do not display – This option is selected by default. The QR code is not displayed on any of the screens (green – available, yellow – check-in, red – busy, blue – unavailable).

[B] On available screen only – The QR code will only appear on the green (available) screen. Combined with disabling bookings from the tablet for a particular room (refer to letter [I] in this article for instructions), this prevents starting a “Local Reservation” from the tablet without a host assigned. To initiate an impromptu meeting, users must scan the QR code with their phone, then log in to start a ‘local’ reservation under their name. This ensures all reservations have an assigned host, promoting a non-anonymous reservation process. This setup is especially useful for highly occupied spaces and billing purposes. Other options like “Check In,” “End Now,” “+15 min” (extending the meeting), and the “Upcoming” section remain accessible from the tablet device.

[C] On all screens – The QR code will be displayed on all screens, ensuring a hygienic process for those who prefer not to directly interact with the tablet. The tablet buttons will still be accessible.

3. Remember to hit “Save” to confirm changes.

Note that if you already have tablets connected, the change will be reflected on the devices immediately.