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Raw data report

Roomzilla provides a reporting feature that enables you to gain insights into the usage of your space.

Learn here how to download a Raw data report showing all reservations within your space. This includes past, future, deleted, auto-canceled, and rejected bookings.


1. Head to the “Reports” tab [1] on your Roomzilla page.

2. Select a date range for the report [2] and hit “Apply”.

3. Download your report by hitting the “EXPORT TO CSV” button [3].


Below we have listed the column headers and their explanations:

  • Reservation ID and Recurring Reservation ID – parameters allowing identification of the reservation in the database
  • The status of a reservation can indicate:
    • current – past/future booking displayed on the timeline (If the ‘start time’ is in the past, the booking has already occurred. If the ‘start time’ is in the future, the booking is scheduled to take place);
    • deleted – not displayed on the timeline due to removal by a user;
    • auto-canceled – automatically ended by the system due to a lack of check-in;
    • rejected (time limit) – reservation auto-removed due to the new time limit set by an admin (e.g., business hours, business days)
    • rejected (overlap) – refers to occurrences of series that have been rejected (upon series creation) due to overlaps with existing reservations
  • Created via:
    • desktop – a logged-in user created the reservation;
    • local – reservation made via a connected tablet, no host is assigned
    • QR – impromptu reservation made via the resource’s QR code by a logged user
  • Resource Name – the name of the resource a reservation is hosted in
  • Reservation Title – the purpose provided by a host or default title; for reservations created via tablet, the title is “Local Reservation” always
  • Start Time – refers to the beginning time of the reservation, indicating when the booking begins;
  • End Time – signifies the termination time of the reservation, denoting when the booking concludes;
  • Created At – indicates the timestamp when the reservation was initially made or created;
  • Duration – how long the reservation has lasted or will last; for auto-canceled bookings, it equals “minutes until canceling non checked-in reservation” parameter value
  • Checkin Time – the time at which a check-in was completed for a particular reservation;
  • Checked In By – refers to the user that performed the check-in or the device if indicates ‘tablet (local)’; besides the owner, admins can also pre-check-in reservations;
    • If the fields ‘Checkin Time’ and ‘Checked In By’ are empty, it indicates that either a check-in is not required for that resource or the reservation has been deleted or auto-canceled before any check-in was performed.
  • User Email, User First Name, User Last Name – reservation’s host details; if empty, the user has been deleted
  • Deleted By – who has deleted the reservation; apart from the owner, admins can also delete reservations