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Approval Queue


Roomzilla Approval Queue feature allows you to take full control over your resources, no reservations will be added to the timeline without an Admins permission.



1/2 Activate your Approval Queue


1. Start off by heading to the Settings tab on your Admin section, select Addition then Activate “Enable Admin Booking Approval Queue”
2. Once Activated you will need to head to the Resources tab where you will see an additional slider for our Approval Queue. You can now activate this on a Resource by Resource basis.
“This will also show Users that the Resource Requires an Admins Approval”


2/2 Approval Queue Explained


Now you have activated your Approval Queue you can head to the approval  tab where you will be able to manage all pending Reservations.

    Below you can see what each of these options does..  


Approve reservation

Reject reservation

Reject reservation while sending a  message to the host.

Settle all conflicts on a first come first serve rule.

Reject all reservations that conflict with an already approved reservation.


If you are trying to find a specific reservations within the queue you can use the search options provided.


A. Search for a “Meeting Purpose”

B. Search for Hosts Email

C. Search for meetings on specified date.

D. This is a drop down menu which allows you to search for all reservations within a specific room.

E. How many results/reservations do you want to show in the queue.


Still have some questions about Roomzilla? Why not reach out to us directly on:


Or check out our YouTube channel for more detailed guides about our system. 


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