Features & Fixes

Roomzilla – Features & Fixes Update

Bugs & glitches happen, but so do new features and product refinements.  We’ve created this section with the simple purpose of transparently presenting a high level of what we’ve been working on each month (towards the end of the month), to not only claim that we’re on top of the workplace management industry, but also support the fact that we’re leading the way within it. 
Our product has genuinely evolved with the feedback and insight of our clients & prospects, should you need to report a bug or if you have a suggestion on how we can improve the platform itself, email us on: team@roomzilla.net 

roomzilla features and fixes
September – 2020

  • The top feature of the month: office 365 is now fully here in the latest version of Roomzilla.
  • Now you can customize the colors and make the platform yours.  
  • The beta version of our amazing credits system deployed in private testing mode.  


  • Improvements to our Peak Hours feature.
  • Business hours can now end within 30 min intervals.
  • Now long room names do not hide the Max Occupancy field on tablets.
  • Now you can edit a single occurrence of a repeating reservation even if an occurrence already took place in the past.
  • Adding more control to prevent bookings outside of business hours.
  • Numerous API stability fixes.
  • Approval Queue bug and functionalist fixes.
  • Export users & resources to .csv is now here.
  • Further image related bugs fixed.

August – 2020

  • Layout improved overall for low res (think small and/or older) screens.
  • Now, your admin will get notified if one of the devices (i.e. tablet) is down.
  • Maps can now load amenities and resource types via API.
  • Made filtering easier to use with the addition of an “Applied” button.
  • Added reports for accounts integrated with Google.
  • Much easier all day reservations for desks & rooms can now be made with 
    the addition of a button.
  • Improved search for users & resource, users on resource, or users tab.
  • Improved calendar field booking color scheme for easier view.
  • Clearer reservation details from within maps.
  • Further copy refinements & minor UI improvement for more enjoyable use.


  • There was an issue between paired devices (i.e. tablets) and Google integration.
  • The helpful quick reservation feature is helpful once again as it no longer displays 
    the wrong end time if a booking spans multiple days.
  • Same goes with the resource calendar sidebar.  It now shows the correct selection
    index after clicking the resource on the timeline.
  • Choosing 1h or 2h within the initial booking view no longer reverts to 0.5h after 
    clicking on More Details.
  • The timeline once again refreshes as it should after editing single occurrence and
    whole series of a repeating reservation on Daily view.
  • Map resource reservation speed improvements have been implemented.  
  • The correct pop up & actions appear when editing an entire series of reservations 
    within the weekly view.  
  • The timeline once again refreshes after the page loads after an initial reservation.
  • Further UI & refresh improvements such as no odd auto scrolls after booking a room.
  • Now, adding time on room devices for reservations made on desktops no longer 
    displays an error that reservations overlaps with another one.

July – 2020

  • Ability to set up different default reservation times (15 min, 30 min, 1h)
  • Adding Maximum Capacity information to room displays (e.g. tablets)
  • Maximum and minimum time for website and rooms displays reservations
  • Increasing Welcome Message length to 1500 characters
  • Adding after reservations reminders
  • Countdown till the end of the meeting on rooms displays (tablets)
  • Adding filters for resources grouping
  • Adding companies’ logo to room displays (tablets) module
  • Resources grouping


  • All events are returned by reservations endpoint even when time constraints are given
  • Fixing bug related to adding time on room displays
  • Correct headers in mailers
  • User Receiving On boarding Instructions every time they log in
  • Cannot delete room picture from ‘Resource Edit’
  • When “adding time” on room displays to reservations made on Desktop getting an error that reservations overlaps with another one
  • Editing reservations on Resource Calendar view
  • Reservation Cancellation Email Sent Incorrectly
  • Email address field in ‘Adding users’ modal wrongly validates emails
  • Not being able to assign amenities to a resource