About Our Software

Looking into more about our software, it can be initially stated that Roomzilla is a room reservation system which works on any device and supports Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar integration. This powerful room booking system is managed through your browser and can be complemented by onsite meeting room displays. With Roomzilla you’ll always have a good understanding of how your space works and how you can improve its usage. The key feature of Roomzilla is that we boast simplicity.

Our product is simple to install and use. Read on to see what makes Roomzilla unique: 

  1. Conference Room Management CAN be Easy [READ HOW]
  2. How Room Scheduling Displays Can Change Your Office
  3. The Internet of Things is Coming to Your Office! Is Your IT Department Ready?

Roomzilla doesn’t need any extra software. See how meeting rooms management can help you save time and resources in your company and what we can do to make the process even easier for you.

With that it mind, it goes without saying Roomzilla is a room reservation system which uses smart scheduling functions.

Many software and application features of Roomzilla, scheduling displays will appeal to anyone who, like ourselves, thinks simplicity is an important trait of every booking system. You don’t even need to download an app to set up a slick-looking meeting room display! Everyone’s going to love how simple and user friendly it is. You’re beginning to wonder how to tell if your company needs a booking system yet?  It’s no wonder if you are!

An important application feature of Roomzilla is the ability to run detailed reports. Conference rooms management system is important due to workspace optimization data you can gather by doing so. Don’t think twice and see for yourself how easy it is to upgrade your conference room booking system. There are many functionalities of our app your employees are bound to love.

Here’s how happy our friends at LabCentral are to set up a couple of new room displays! Check it out and then do the same so you can become a true hero in your office.