Roomzilla COVID-19 Safety Suite

Dedicating ourselves to ensure your employees, team and colleagues are always secure and safe

Safety Features

Hot Desking & Office Maps

W ith our interactive office maps, you can upload your floor and room plans and designate spaces (such as hot desks) to be booked for precision control in management and efficiency. With Roomzilla’s office maps, you can implement an extensive hygiene and social distancing program while ensuring performance.

Contact-free check-in

W ith touch-less technology in mind, Roomzilla has introduced the option to check into your reservations without having to interact with your room displays. Eliminate common contact points where germs can spread. You don’t have to interact with the hardware other than your own computer or smart phone.

Amenities Assignment

A menities Assignment helps enforce safety spaces around smaller, commonly, used objects. With the health & safety of your members at mind, Amenities Assignment allows you to attach & track utilities associated with your rooms and resources. It not only allows your users to search and book areas that have the right amenities but also ensures that these areas are properly equipped & stocked with critical ones such as masks, sanitizers, disposable desk mats, etc.

Private meetings with exact occupancies

W ith maintaining social distancing being essential, this feature allows members to book private meetings while setting exact occupancy measures according to CDC recommendations. It is a tool that can’t be neglected when your users’ health is paramount.

Contactless Meeting Booking & Resource Management

Our resource reservation system provides you with the tools to assist with the safety & comfort of your members. Not only will we walk you through the setup, but we also offer extensive support thereafter with your personal success manager. With Roomzilla, you will be able to safely book meeting rooms, hot desks, classrooms, labs, or any other spaces within your business, and at the same time, keep track of what needs to be cleaned & sanitized.

Auto-delete ‘ghost reservations’

A long with our other COVID-19 Safety Suite features, auto-delete is another “must-have” for the post-pandemic world. Now more than ever before, the effective usage of space is crucial. With our auto-delete function, “ghost reservations” and “no shows” are handled efficiently and ensure that a space is always available and its usage optimized.

Approval Queue

Approval Queue is a centralized system to manage COVID-19 safety & sanitation standards. By allowing admins to reject room booking requests, you can pause or block a room booking impromptu if it has not yet been cleaned after the previous party has left or for other safety reasons all from one point.

What our clients say

Briavael O’reilly

We have limited shared space at our office, and this platform has allowed us to bring our time spent wandering from room to room to see what’s available to nearly zero.

Roman Kern

Roomzilla unites the critical functionality of a conference room booking system, the effectiveness of the cloud and the beauty of an iPad.

Abigail Powell

We rely on Roomzilla at the Hotel Headquarters every day. It’s a seamless system, smart enough to sync with your calendar and vs versa!

Maggie O’Toole

LabCentral has 27 conference rooms, 10 phone booths, and 3 nap rooms spanning two facilities. All of this shared by more than 60 companies and over 300 people… Without Roomzilla we would go out of our minds