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Welcome to our Quick-Start guide to setup your iPads, follows these steps carefully and remember if you need any assistance at all to get in touch with us.
Not connected to Roomzilla yet? Head back to this  guide before proceeding.
Remove Address Bar

1. Staying on the browser session, head to the settings menu on the right hand side of the address bar and select “Add to Home Screen”

3. Confirm this with the “Add” button on the right hand side.

4. Roomzilla will now be added to your tablets “Home Screen”

5.  The final step is to select the “Shortcut” you have created to open Roomzilla in full screen mode.

You will also want to set up some basic iPad settings, so the iPad screen stays on. If you think people are likely to try to check their email & sports score (yes it happens!) we have a solution for that too.

Setting the Brightness & Auto-Lock

1. Head to settings option on your iPads

2. Go to “General” where you will find the below option for Auto-Lock.

3. Change Auto-Lock to Never so your iPads screen will no longer go into rest mode.
4. We also recommend turning down the brightness on your device to ensure lower power usage.

Setting Up Guided Access

Guided access will block users from exiting Roomzilla and using your tablets for other reasons.

1. Head to Settings.

2. Tab “General” and then go to “Accessibility”

3. It is here you will see the option for “Guided access”

3. Once activated you get set your passcode and save the settings.

4. Now head back to your Home Screen and select the shortcut for Roomzilla.

5. On your tablet press the Home button 3 times to bring up Guided Access:

Now you will see either:
a.  A small box in center screen that says “Guided Access Started”, or
b.  The iPad will zoom out to a back background with “Guided Access” at the top —
if so, tap Start in the top right
Thank you for reading our guide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions:
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