Scheduling Tab Explained

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Scheduling Tab Explained


Learn here how to navigate our Scheduling Tab as well as shortcuts to find the right resources at the right time.


  Find what you are looking for:  

Hit “Learn More” To discover the ins and outs of these features. 

A. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Agenda View: A quick and easy way to switch between the different viewing perspectives on Roomzilla. Learn More

B. Date Picker: Here you can either manually choose which day to check the schedule or hit Today to view Today!

C. Filtering Tools: Hit the question mark to reveal our filtering tool, then find  the right Resource for your Reservation: Learn More

D. All Rooms/Available Now: Toggle here to change your perspective from viewing all rooms to just the rooms Available Now. Learn More

E. All Reservations/My Reservations: Toggle here to switch between viewing other or just your reservations.  



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Or check out our YouTube channel for more detailed guides about our system. 


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