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A full breakdown of our Reservations Form.


On Roomzilla you will find our Quick and Regular Reservation forms allowing you to add as much details as you want to your bookings. Find out what information they contain below.



Quick Reservation form:

  Purpose: The meeting purpose defines what this meeting will be about. This is the first thing people will see when it is selected.  

Quick Duration: Set the how long you would like your reservation to last.  

Specific Duration: Make your reservations longer.  

More Details: Open up our advanced reservation form to customize further.  

Confirm and create your reservation.      






Advanced Reservation Form:

  Purpose: Title of your Reservation

How many People: Number of attendees

Host First Name: Host Last Name:

Host Email: Email Address

Start/Finish time: Set the length of your Reservation.

All Day: Create an all day reservation

Repeat: Make this reservations reoccurring

Invite Participants: Invite your colleagues to your Reservation.

Description: Send a personalized message to your invitees.

Pre Check-In The Reservation: Check your Reservation in now.                     


















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Or check out our YouTube channel for more detailed guides about our system. 


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