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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions asked by our customers before they buy our product. If there’s something you feel has not been covered by our website, feel free to refer to our FAQ:

Tips & Tricks for Admins

External Integrations allows for reservations from your own external Calendars.

Add your concierges email address to your Welcome Message, this allows users to get in touch with you if there’s any issues on location.

Use HeatMaps to detect your busiest time of day to help keep a clean and safe working environment.

Amenities allow your users to find the right resource for them

Learn about your space with our insights.

Utilize Office Maps to get the most out of Roomzilla.

Assign Users into Teams for better management.


Tips & Tricks for Users

Check your Profile for your personal schedule. 


Find the right resource, at the right time, with the right equipment with our Filtering Tools!


You can drag to extend or drag and drop your reservations to edit quickly. 


Invite other Users to your meeting with our Invite Tool


Don’t lose your reservations, Check In!


Create Repeating Reservations to plan ahead!


Adapt to local regulations with our Covid Safety Suite





Roomzilla Account

  What do I need to start with Roomzilla?

Being a cloud based application you only need an internet connection to use Roomzilla. Of course you do have the option to use room displays but these are not required for Roomzilla. 

How much does Roomzilla cost?

Roomzilla is priced at $20 per room per month.

What’s a resource? and what types can I add to Roomzilla?

A Resource is what you are booking from Roomzilla and varies from company to company. We don’t want to limit you on what you can add to Roomzilla so if you can’t find the right category  get in touch with us so we can get it added for you.

Can I add more resources to my subscription?

With Roomzilla your subscription is flexible so you only pay for what you use. Head to the admin section to add, edit or enable your resources.

How to I become a paying customer?

Simply, add your card to your Roomzilla page or let our sales team know, we can then assist with anything you may need before the launch.

Do you have an app I can download?

Currently we don’t have a downloadable application but we are in the process of getting one created. Keep an eye on our social media for updates.

Is there a limit to how many Resources we can have?

You have full control over your page and can add as many or as few resources as you would like. With our Filtering tools the perfect resource is easy to find.

If I have multiple locations, is there a way to link our Roomzilla accounts for easy access?

Access all of your Roomzilla pages with our Others Sites feature seen on your Navigation Bar. This will show all pages you are a member of.

What kind of access can I as an Admin offer to my Members?

We have several ways for Members to gain access to your Roomzilla page, Check out our Knowledge Base Article

Trial Account

Can I access all features on my trial?

Yes, we want you to experience all of Roomzilla power so we have made every feature available for your trial. You can even arrange a demo with our support team to learn more about what we have available.

What’s the best thing about Roomzilla?

Simplicity and easiness of use, nothing is better than a powerful tool with a simply interface and that’s precisely what Roomzilla does.

How long will my trial last?

Your Roomzilla trial will last you for 14 days unless you agree to our additional Promotion/Feedback request where you get an extra 2 days.


Page Customisation

Can I personalize my account, add logo and change layout colours?

Roomzilla offers complete Page Customisation from Colours, Logos, Resource Images and Full Office Maps. Find out more on our Knowledge base.

Am I able to change my URL?

Yes, get in touch with us on Team@roomzilla.net and we will have your page updated.


Do you offer different pricing for different kinds of resources

Yes, while our listed price is $20 / room per month, we do tailor price based on your room and resource needs.

How to I become a paying customer?

Simply, add your card to your Roomzilla page or let our sales team know, we can then assist with anything you may need before the launch.

Not for Profit Pricing

At Roomzilla we do offer not for profit pricing to our customers, reach out to our Sales team for more info.

What Payment Methods do you offer?

We accept, Credit Card, Wire Transfer or ACH transfers.

Payment frequency

You can pay for your subscription Monthly or Annually.



Can one person book multiple resources (i.e. desks, rooms, etc.) and assign others to them?

We do not currently support this feature; however, we’re examining it as a new feature on our road-map. In the meantime, we do have a convenient workaround option where the meeting host can invite other participants to bookings made.

Can I create a reservation on behalf of someone else?

Yes, as a meeting host you are able to invite other Users to your Reservations.

Can I set a meeting to Private?

Yes, you can make your meeting Private on the booking form. Simply tick the box titled “Private” this prevents others from seeing your event details.

Can we assign Members credits that can be exchanged for Reservations?

Yes, with Booking Fees Resources can be priced up individually With Members receiving Reoccurring credits that will be taken when Reservations are made. You can also assigned additional Credits to your Members on a case by case basic. Read More.



Can I generate the reports on a room or a user basis?

And much more, Customise our reports to identify trends within your space from Members, Resources Types, Amenities and space capacity reports. Learn More

Is there a way to export the reports?

Yes, all data from Roomzilla is available to download on the Reports Tab, Simply scroll down to all Reservations and Export.

Approval Queue

How do I approve Reservations? 

An admin can approve Reservations within the Reservations tab on the admin section. Simply chose between the following three options: Approve, decline or decline with a message

How do I subscribe to Roomzilla emails?

To update your preferences you will need to head to your last email from Roomzilla which will have a link at the bottom, or go to your profile where you can adjust you preferences.

Who will approve my Reservation?

Each of your Resources will have there own dedicated Admin who will receive notifications and  be able to approve your booking.

Who will receive Approval Notifications?

Resource Administrator will receive Email Notifications once every hour, if reservations are still pending you will receive a notification every hour.  

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Auto Delete

How do I automatically remove missed Reservations?

Roomzilla can do this for you with our auto-delete feature, head to the “Admin section” and select the “Page Settings” tab, if you scroll down you will see the “Reservation Settings”. Here you can set how many minutes a user has to check in an if this is missed we will remove the booking and free up the space for you.


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Do you fit our room displays?

No, at Roomzilla we are just a software company, for your hardware you would need to purchase and install this separately.

What devices does Roomzilla work on?

Being a cloud based application Roomzilla is fully accessible from a browser on all devices.

What are the best tablets for Room displays?

We always recommend our customer use Apple iPads with Roomzilla but you can use most tablet devices as Room displays. As long as you have a browser with a Kiosk mode you are ready to go.

Do you have a mobile APP?

We don’t currently offer native mobile apps for IOS and Android devices; however, we are working on deploying a Progressive Web Application (PWA) version of our platform which will ensure mobile browser compatibility and allow all our users to interact with our system without the necessity of downloading yet another app.                                                     

Office Maps

Can I upload a floor-plan?

Yes, Roomzilla has a full Office maps feature so your users can book all the resources directly from it. Simply head to the “Admin” section and select the “Office Maps” tab. Here you will firstly be able to upload the floor plan before outlining the conference rooms and start booking.

Can we add non bookable Resources such as toilets?

Yes, in our most recent update we have now added non bookable resources to Office Maps. Allow your tenants to fully navigate your space with Roomzilla.

How do I setup my Office Maps?

Watch our 5 minuets Office Maps Masterclass to learn precisely how to get your maps setup.


Find out How


Office Equipment

Can I add portable equipment to our resources?

Yes, with Roomzilla there are no limits to what you can have available. When creating your resources you have the option to select the “Resource Type”. This will add a handy icon to the resource so other users can identify what type of resource it is.  

Can we request different types of Resources?

         Yes, simply get in touch with us on Team@Roomzilla.net to have your Resource type added to our database 🙂  


Check In

How can I check in for my Reservations?

Currently you are able to Check In via QR Code, Check In via Tablet and Email Check In

Email Check in

With Email Check in you will be able to simply Chicken for your Reservations via the Emailed link that will arrive just before your Reservations begins.

Check In via Room Display

If you Company has Tablets displayed next to your Room you will be able to hit “Check In” at the start of your Reservation.

How do I make my reservations longer?

         You can Add Time to your Reservations with your Resource           Display, or simply extend your Reservations on your page.  

External Integrations

Do you offer integration with Google?

Yes, we offer a native two-way Google integration that will allow your users to create Reservations directly though their personal calendar.

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Do your offer integration with Office 365?

Yes, with Roomzilla we have a full two-way Integration with Exchange Online

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Do you have Active Directory?

Currently we are unable to offer Active Directory while we are examining a fully compliant solution to manage our customers data. In the meantime you can easily manage your users separately using tools available.

Do you provide an API?

We are in the process of creating a robust API for Roomzilla, get in touch with us to find out more. Team@roomzilla.net


Local Reservations

Do I have to Sign In for a Local Reservation

No, with Roomzilla we want your reservations to be one touch away. Simply hit Use Now to activate a Local Reservation.

Can I limit the duration of a Local reservation

Yes, you can put a limit on how long Local and Web Reservations can be on the Settings Tab.



Have any further questions for us? Get in touch with us on: Team@Roomzilla.net


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