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Resource Types

Think we are just a room reservation system? think again, with Roomzilla you can add anything that you can think of. From Forklifts to projectors, Roomzilla really is the reservations system.


  1. Start of by going to your Resource Tab and selecting Resource Types
  2. On Resource Types you will find our global list of Resource Types, these can be activated on your page with the slider.
  3. Now if you can’t find what you looking for there, just get in touch with us on: Our team will then have that added for you with a custom Icon.

Now when you go to Add A New Resource you will see your new Resource types available as seen below.


Still have questions? Get in touch with us on:

Still have some questions about Roomzilla? Why not reach out to us directly on:

Or check out our YouTube channel for more detailed guides about our system. 


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