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Roomzilla provides you with a full breakdown of how your Roomzilla page is being used.

To access the reports section you must have a Roomzilla admin account.

1. Start off by logging into to your Roomzilla page and selection the admin button at the bottom right.

2. Next you will need to select “Reports” this is on the admin console.

3. Here you will be presented with several different options of reports as seen below.

Usage Report

A. Usage by User:

Providing you with a full breakdown of each users monthly usage, you are able to get details from every booking they have made for the selected month. You will also be able to see how many meetings they are actually attending.

B. Rooms Usage:

Providing you with each meeting rooms total monthly usage, as above you can then click on “Details” to have a breakdown of all the meetings that have been created as well as which ones were actually checked in for.

C. Top Users:

A simple way to view who has been booking the most meetings rooms on a monthly and weekly basis.

Reservation report

D. Upcoming Reservations:

Providing you with details of every booking that has been made for today.

E. Reservations longer than:

Here you can create a customised list of booking that are over a certain amount of time, for example you can search for all meeting over 8 hours within the next three months.

F. All-day reservations:

You can search for all reservations that take a full day, this is for upcoming and already concluded meetings.

G. Repeating reservations missing check-in:

This is a fantastic feature that allows you to investigate any missed recurring reservations. Often people will create a recurring reservation but forget about them. This can lead to several hours a week of wasted meeting time.

H. Percentage of never checked in:

This will break down on a monthly basis the percentage of  reservations and recurring reservations that are not being checked into.

I. Potentially abandoned

This report gives you an insight into upcoming recurring meetings that are likely to be abandoned (Not checked in for). This is great if you need to free up space.

J. Search by full or partial query.

Simply enter the targetted email address, you will then be able to see all past, present and future bookings.

If you need any more information on reporting in Roomzilla please get in touch:

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