Quick Reservations (QR) introduction

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Quick Reservations (QR) introduction

Quick Reservations (QR) feature is a great complement to the Roomzilla web booking system, which makes managing space and resources even more efficient in a cost-saving way. Not only do they look tidy, but most importantly, they allow users to use their mobile phones to:

  • check in to their meeting, if required
  • make spontaneous reservations, whenever they need one, directly at the Resource
  • view ongoing and upcoming events so that Users can see at a glance if a Resource is busy or available without having to go to the application
  • extend time of the meeting with one finger tap
  • end the meeting earlier and free up space for others
  • open the mobile version of Roomzilla with a single click

With QR codes generated by administrators, it’s as simple as printing them out on paper or as stickers and placing them near the relevant resources. These QR codes can be affixed directly to desks, equipment, or inserted into frames or stands, making it a breeze for users to access real-time resource availability and swiftly make impromptu reservations.

This user-friendly feature ensures that resources are easily identifiable and reservable, simplifying the booking process for a more organized workspace.

Learn how to set up Quick Reservations (QR) for your Resources in our guide.