Occupancy feature

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This feature requires users to indicate the number of attendees when reserving a room, this includes both local and web reservations.

  1. To enable or disable this feature, log in to your Roomzilla admin account by clicking on “admin” in the bottom right corner of your Roomzilla homepage.

2. On your dashboard, click “Company Settings”.

3. Scroll down to the “Reservation settings” heading, here you can see there are two options for occupancy

a. If you turn on ‘Room Occupancy Feature” you will be asked to include how many attendees you think will be at the meeting.

b. If you turn on “Exact Occupancies” you will have to include exactly how many attendees will be at your meeting.

Don’t forget to use the “exact” feature you will need to have both selected.

Below you can see how this looks when making a local reservation.

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