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Inviting Users or Admins


This guide will teach you how to invite users to your Roomzilla page as well as the different permissions they will have compared to an admin.


  1.On the Admin section head to the Users tab where you can add additional members.     2. Fill out the below form which upon completion will send an invitation out directly to your member.   3. Upon activation they will have full access to your Roomzilla page.  


Sharing your Public Access Link

One extremely quick and easy way to add users to your page is with our new Public Access feature.


  1. Head to the Settings tab of your Roomzilla page and select Additional which will reveal the option to Enable Public Access
  2. Select to Enable to reveal your unique Access link that you can share with those who need access.
  3. Now they have this link they can simply signup to your page with it to gain full access to start creating reservations.


Access levels explained


User Accounts – An User will simply be able to use Roomzilla for all their booking needs, they would have no access to the admin section.

Admin Accounts – An Admin has full access to your Roomzilla page and all of it’s settings, they will be able to perform any administrative tasks.


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