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Integrate Roomzilla with your Google Calendar

“Roomzilla offers a native two-way integration with Google Calendar, the outcome of which will allow you and your colleagues to create, edit and delete your reservations from either Google Calendar or Roomzilla. This is a great way to use all of Roomzilla’ features while also keeping your norm of bookings from your Google account. If you run into any trouble throughout this process, please do get in touch with our Customer Success Team:”


Follow our step by step guide or watch the process below.


1. Start off by heading to the Admin Section of your Roomzilla page where you will find the “Integrations” Tab, here you will need to select “Sign in with Google”



2. Sign in with your Companies Google Account.




3. Select Allow to give Roomzilla Permission to interact with your Google Resources.


(Roomzilla will never delete a Calendar from your Google account, this is only listed as it is bundled with other Calendar permissions)

3. Now you can head to the “Resources ” tab and select the Resource you want to Integrate with.

(Can’t find your Google Resources here? Head to Subscribe on this article:

4. Select the Calendar drop down where you will find a list of your Google Resources, select and save to start connecting the two resources.

“You’ll know this has been completed when you see the green tick on your Resource”

Now your Resources have been connected you can start creating your booking from your Google account which will come straight across to Roomzilla.   If you have any further questions you would like to as us, book yourself in for a call on:

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