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Checking in with Emails


With Touch-less Technology in mind Roomzilla has introduced the option to Check into your Reservations without having to interact with your Room displays.



1. On the Admin section select  Settings and navigate to Reservation Setting


2. Here you will have the option to firstly Select “Check-in Required” and then activate “Enable Check-in via Email”



3. Now setup the following:

A. Check-in reminder minutes – the number represents minutes prior to meeting starting time when email reminder is sent to meeting host informing about check-in into their reservation

B. You can additionally set up Minutes to wait until cancelling a not checked-in reservation – setting this up will free up your room or resource booked if check-in wasn’t done on



5. Click Save. All done!



If you have any further questions or need any assistance, please do get in touch with us at


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