Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Agenda View

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Agenda View


When you are looking to creates a reservation on Roomzilla there are many different views/perspectives that you can use. This guide will show you how to view your Resources in either Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Agenda view.






The classic Roomzilla view allowing you to see all your resources schedule for the day.





Our Weekly View provides a broader perspective of your Resources, showing all reservations for the week. You can just select the day you want to book on and customize the time to create your reservations here.




  Our Monthly View allows you see all Reservations from all Resources, you can also create a reservations by choosing your preferred day and selecting the resource you want to book.    



  Agenda View provide a super simple view of all upcoming Reservations from your page.  

Still have some questions about Roomzilla? Why not reach out to us directly on: Team@Roomzilla.net


Or check out our YouTube channel for more detailed guides about our system. 


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